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Understanding Facebook’s Latest Change

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that it would be changing its newsfeed algorithms to prioritize interactions between people. At the same time, Facebook will downplay content from media, brands and publishers. Interactions between friends and family, especially conversations with a high level of user participation and engagement, will be featured at the top of the newsfeed, while brands and publishers fall farther down.

If you're a business that relies on social media like Facebook to reach customers and clients, this could have a big effect on the way you market your business. Businesses hoping to stay ahead of the curve will have to make adjustments.

Why is This Happening?

In recent years, Facebook newsfeed has become dominated by news stories, publications and promotional material produced by companies. Facebook users look at their newsfeed passively, often without clicking or interacting with the content. This lack of interaction has reduced the value of the advertisements on Facebook.

Facebook needs active, engaged users. By prioritizing meaningful conversations between friends and family, Facebook hopes to keep users interacting with Facebook and thus increase the value of its advertisements.

Will it work? There's no way to know. Facebook itself has admitted that the change will likely reduce the amount of time that users spend using the website. Facebook stock prices dropped sharply after the changes were announced. In the meantime, businesses that use Facebook as an advertising venue must start making real changes, fast.

Influencers Are Key

In the world of Facebook, there are different levels of users, including personal consumers, businesses, marketers and influencers. When content from businesses is intentionally shut out from the top levels of the Facebook newsfeed, influencers will play a much greater roll in the Facebook ecosystem.

Marketers who wish to reach their audiences and draw in new customers must now turn to influencers to reach people. Developing relationships with influencers will become important, and the lines between real content and advertising will become even more blurred.

Organic content from real people will be the priority. Marketing professionals who want to keep their foot in the door with Facebook will have to become savvy with influencer marketing. Content spread through influencers will reach more people, so developing relationships with the right influencers will become critical.

Influencer 101

If you're new to the influencer marketing scene, these tips will help.

  1. Pick the right influencer. Influencers with smaller followings tend to have better audience engagement.
  2. Allow your influencer freedom to do what he or she thinks is the right thing. Influencers gained audience attention through good instincts and an understanding of the consumer. Exercising control over your influencer's strategies could kill the magic and send audiences away.
  3. Listen to the influencer's advice. In many cases, your influencer will know best why consumers are drawn to your brand. Listening to advice from your influencer can help you make decisions that will draw in customers and keep your brand on message.

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