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Transforming how you sell with Dan Tyre... and teaching an old sales lioness new tricks

“UGH (pause.pause.pause) do I have to take another sales training class because I don’t think this will teach me anything new?”  Late August, ProFromGo Founder, Chris Vendilli highly “suggested” I take Dan’s Pipeline Generation Bootcamp (PGB) course to better learn the importance of Inbound Sales & Marketing and how to build a better pipeline.

I have been selling longer than some in the agency have been alive and wasn’t sold on it, but agreed to sign up.

The Game Changer

Oh, baby, this class was a GAME CHANGER.  Dan taught me not only new sales tactics but lifelong lessons.  Always be helping, listen more (which no earthling has convinced me of before) and that I can help everyone, even if it's providing them with one piece of valuable information.  Our lion class was held every Monday for one hour with the highly self-motivated Dan Tyre.  Dan has more energy than a nuclear power plant and that trait alone makes you want to be more successful and pick up the phone.

Dan provided all of us with the gift of confidence by helping us better understand the true value of Inbound Marketing and how to relay that information to our prospects. Our class discussed “big wins, little victories and ugly potholes” which ignited new ideas and how to overcome obstacles.  Cold calling is now dead.  I am not selling, I am helping organizations understand how to gain a competitive edge, generate leads, acquire customers and engage with customers and prospects online.  Who doesn’t want to learn more about this?

What did I learn?

A lot, but here are my 5 biggest takeaways.

  1.  We are a “Growth Agency” and I am here to help.  My call to you will make a difference. After years of selling you tend to get stuck in a “sellers frame of mind” which consists of always pushing your product and discussing what your product can do for the prospect. It can be a great way to isolate yourself at networking events. Now, I listen more, identify the pain prospects may be having and then provide them with “free” helpful tips and tools.
  2.  If you want to grow, you need to prospect.  If you are prospecting, you need to be helpful while being efficient. Your time management needs to be stellar and that happens when you use the email templates and sequencing. Dan not only discussed but provided us with outstanding examples of various templates. Once you put those templates into action it’s a simple click as opposed to searching various folders for the info (time saver and life saver).  Go find that quiet space and focus on the task at hand, clear your calendar and let no man interfere with this critical endeavor.
  3.  Trust the process, be persistent and keep helping while being patient. It’s a process and all processes take time, but time is money so stay on the positive path and do the work.
  4.  Show up and throw up is dead. Don’t look for me to show up on my first call with a fancy slide deck showing you how I can save the day. I want to hear your story and feel your pain <insert your favorite country song here>.  You will talk more than me (miracle) as I will be taking lots of notes (hence the reason for silence on my end). I need to know your story and understand your pain so that I can better equip you with tools to help get your organization to the next level.
  5. Every.Single.Monday. Dan reiterated the immense value of HubSpot & Inbound Marketing and made me realize that if you are a business owner with a website trying to sell anything, the HubSpot tools & inbound methodology we execute for our clients can be your ticket to helping you generate more revenue.  Most of us have many of the certifications and know the value, but Dan made us set aside the time to dig a little bit deeper in order to really see the magic. The magic resides in using the sales and marketing tools to the fullest.  He taught me to not be afraid of technology, which is why I am now using the Wistia Soapbox “free” Chrome extension. It’s new, it’s fun and it’s a great way to let your prospects know that you are a REAL person.

So how do I wrap this up?

I am confident that if I’m calling you, I can be of help.  I am now well equipped with valuable knowledge and tools to help you generate more qualified leads that can help your business gain a competitive advantage online.  And of course, thank you, Dan, for bringing your book of knowledge to the Lion’s Den every Monday. The call will be missed, and if you can convince me otherwise, I will buy you a breakfast sandwich!

Want to learn more about growing your business online and gaining the competitive edge?

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Chris Vendilli
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Chris is the founder and CEO of Vendilli Digital Group. In his free time, you’ll find him camping, fishing, or playing beer league ice hockey with a bunch of guys who refuse to admit they’re already over the hill.
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