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Marketing Trends to Consider in 2018

2018 is finally here! Marketing professionals and business owners are turning their attention to the marketing strategies they plan to use in the coming year. Being aware of the current marketing trends can help make this planning process simpler. Knowing what works for other businesses can help professionals decide what will work for theirs.

Content is King

Content marketing is and continues to be, critical to most businesses. Using blog posts, social media posts, landing pages, white papers, e-books, podcasts and more, businesses deliver quality content that attracts customer attention and helps consumers decide which products to use. To ensure that your content sends the right message, work with professionals who understand content marketing and content creation.

Explainer Videos

Explainer videos take the place of text on a website to explain products in a way that is easy for consumers to understand. In websites that contain text and video together, customers consistently turn to video to understand complex concepts. Explainer videos answer consumer questions so that customers have a greater understanding of and more confidence in the products they buy.

Consumers like explainer videos because they take the work out of product research. With a quick viewing of a video, customers can decide whether or not a product is right for them, and which type of product they would like to buy. Videos also have a level of professionalism that can instill confidence in consumers.

Live Streaming Video

Video has long drawn in audiences and captured their attention in powerful ways. In fact, video streaming made up 75% of all Internet traffic in 2017.

Given the option of pre-recorded and live streaming video, audiences watch live streaming video for much longer. That's why you can expect to see live streaming video on social media and on business websites in 2018. This powerful tool can build audience enthusiasm, spread information about products and develop brand loyalty by keeping audiences entertained.

Non-Traditional Search and Advertising

Voice searches are becoming more common all the time. With new search tools like Siri and Alexa, more consumers are performing voice searches to research everything from products to businesses. Cultivating keywords and search terms suited for this non-traditional form of online searches can help ensure that your business will be found by the consumers searching for your products.

In addition, cultivating non-traditional forms of advertising (for example, an advertisement on a smart fridge) can help cast a wider net to reach new customers. Staying ahead of these changes can help keep businesses grow through advertising in 2018.

Contact ProFromGo Today

At ProFromGo, we help businesses to refine their marketing strategy for the new year. Whether your business needs a website, social media page or a marketing plan for the new year, we can help. To get started with your marketing strategy for 2018, contact ProFromGo today at (412) 530-5027.

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