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Marketing Automation: What Business Owners Need To Know

Automated email marketing can be a very effective way to sell products, promote your company's brand and increase sales. Knowing how to choose the right software and how to keep customers engaged can help make your email marketing campaign more effective over time.

What is Marketing Automation?

By definition, marketing automation is the practice of sending marketing emails to customers and potential customers based on their browsing history and interactions with your company. This is different from traditional email marketing because these campaigns are not personalized to the individual; they are sent to email groups in bulk.

Marketing automation is said to be far more effective than traditional email marketing. Because it helps to ensure that your marketing emails meet the needs of your customers, it is also a way to make your digital campaign more relevant and engaging to the people receiving your company's emails.

What are the Benefits of Marketing Automation?

There are many ways that marketing automation is superior to traditional email marketing. The most noteworthy differences include:

  • Nurture leads: Marketing automation enables businesses to walk customers through the purchase process based on what they need and where they are in the purchasing cycle.
  • Deliver a personalized email campaign in bulk: With marketing automation software, you can send personalized emails to large groups of people without increasing your workforce.
  • Develop your company's brand: Marketing automation campaigns help build your customer base, ensuring that more customers are aware of your brand.

What Do You Need to Get Started With Marketing Automation?

To get started with marketing automation, your business will need to pick the right marketing automation software for your needs. When looking at different types of software, consider the following:

  • Seamless integration with CRM: Seamless integration with your customer relationship management software can make using your marketing automation software a less painful and more productive experience.
  • Response handling: If your business receives many emails in response to your marketing emails, you'll need software that can manage responses quickly, efficiently and with little effort from you or your employees.
  • Mobile viewing: People read their emails on their smartphones more than ever, so your marketing automation software should create mobile-friendly marketing emails in addition to traditionally formatted marketing emails.

Contact ProFromGo to Develop Your Marketing Automation Strategy

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