Happy New Year from PFG!

The last day of 2020 is finally upon us.

As the year comes to a close with agonizing slowness, naturally everyone is reflecting on what such a god-awful year it was. There are so many things that happened this year–most of which would take too long to list–and yet, 2020 seemed to be a blur.

Any other year we would use this as an opportunity to wish everyone a Happy New Year and to share our New Years resolutions. However, this year a couple of us at ProFromGo decided to say “See Ya!” to 2020 by reflecting on what we thought were the high and low of the year.


Best of 2020: I think the best part of 2020 for me was having the ability to spend more time with some of my immediate family and close friends.

Worst of 2020: The worst part for me has been how strange this entire year has been (i.e. COVID restrictions, working from home etc.) It’s very difficult to feel normal while doing anything anymore.


Best of 2020: Season 2 of The Mandalorian being released on Netflix! No this is not a brand deal, just a healthy obsession that doesn’t hurt anyone. (Seriously, go watch it though!)

Worst of 2020: Being one of the many of people around the globe who contracted COVID-19.


Best of 2020: Having the time to reflect and realize the importance of things I once took for granted.

Worst of 2020: The wildfires in Australia, COVID-19, the massive uptick in unemployment. It’s hard to pick just one thing when it seemed like something new was popping up every time we turned around.


Best of 2020: A newly developed vaccine to combat COVID-19.

Worst of 2020: The pandemic as a whole–the number of deaths it caused, the number of jobs people lost and the toll it took on our world.


Best of 2020: Being able to spend more quality time with my husband and kids, getting a focused perspective on what really matters and of course starting at PFG!

Worst of 2020: Seeing the pain it brings to my parents and kids because we couldn’t spend as much time together as they’d like. Also, the relationships that fall out or things that didn’t go as planned. Coming to terms with who and what matters most can be a little painful at times.


Best of 2020: Starting at PFG and being able to learn and grow in an awesome work environment with the best people!

Worst of 2020: I second what Lauren said, contracting COVID was the worst part of my year.

Happy New Year!

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that the most challenging of situations can give rise to amazing opportunities. I guess that’s the silver lining to this awful year; 2020 really gave us a run for our money but it put us through things that caused us to adapt, overcome and grow.

So, here’s a shout out to 2021: I know it sounds unconventional, but let’s hope for a year that is boring in all the right ways; with not a single disaster in site. Let’s hope for continued growth that helps us move out of the darkness that is the pandemic, and towards the light that is a more "normal" future. Finally, we hope it’s a good year for you, your families, friends, our clients and everyone in general. You were the ones who stuck with us through the roller-coaster that was 2020, and for that everyone at ProFromGo will be forever grateful.

Erica Follette
About the Author
Erica is a Content and Customer Service Specialist at Vendilli. In her free time, you can find Erica binge watching Netflix shows, practicing martial arts, drinking way too much coffee or tending to the needs of her spoiled dog and multiple reptiles.
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