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Changing YouTube into Your Affiliate Marketing Tool

YouTube changed the Internet world when it was founded in 2005. Since that time, this powerful online tool has been used by countless businesses and individual users for purposes ranging from news broadcasts to product descriptions to personal online video journals. As one of the most flexible and universal online sites, YouTube is a perfect affiliate marketing company for businesses large and small.

Why YouTube is an Excellent Affiliate Marketing Tool

Using YouTube is simple: just upload your videos and establish privacy settings. Use links to embed or share videos, promote products and send information around the world. It is this simplicity and ease of use that makes YouTube such a powerful tool for companies that market their products and services online.

  • Ubiquitous. YouTube is used everywhere. It has over 1 billion users; that's almost a third of all the people on the Internet.
  • Flexible. YouTube links allow users to place videos anywhere on their website or blog. The simplicity of YouTube's coding allows users to view video even if their browsers are out of date, which means that YouTube can be used to reach a very wide audience indeed.
  • Long-lasting. YouTube isn't going away any time in the near future. In fact, the YouTube's daily viewership worldwide may soon pass the number of daily hours people spend watching television in the U.S. Although YouTube has only been around for the last 12 years, that's a long time on the Internet. With that kind of momentum, YouTube makes a good bet for businesses seeking to invest in an enduring marketing tool.

Uses for YouTube

YouTube can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the needs of your business.

  • Education. YouTube videos can be used to teach your users about your business, organization, company and mission.
  • Activism. Many organizations use YouTube to reach a wide audience of people interested in activism. Videos can impassion people to be more active in their communities and in the global community.
  • Product advertisement and tutorials. YouTube can be used to reveal the most recent product designed by your company, or show your audience how to use the most recent version of a product.
  • Entertainment. At its heart, YouTube works because it's entertaining and interesting for users. By producing content that is engaging, businesses can attract more users and conversions, as the case may be.

YouTube Red

At one time YouTube generated its profits through advertising. Now YouTube is available as a subscription service, to allow users to view their content without advertisements. This set up allows the smaller businesses that use YouTube to generate more profits by earning money with each visit to their site. To find out more about YouTube Red, take a look at the subscription service page online.

Contact Your Local Internet Marketing Company

YouTube is a powerful tool for generating interest and awareness in your business. As your local Internet marketing company, ProFromGo can help your business with the design and development of your online marketing efforts. We understand the complexities of SEO and social media needs, and know how to use these online tools to your advantage. We're in Pittsburgh, so we know the local market better than anyone. To get started or to find out more about how YouTube can be used to grow your customer base, contact us today at (412) 530-5027.

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