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The Benefits of Creating More Landing Pages

The landing pages on your business website are crucial for your business's conversion efforts. Inbound marketing relies heavily upon landing pages to bring in customers and sell products. Understanding what a landing page is, how a landing page can increase sales and how to make your company's website more effective can boost your marketing efforts and help increase profits over time.

What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is a page on your website that customers are directed to for the purposes of making a sale or a conversion. Landing pages are not blog articles, but are a permanent part of your website's navigational structure.

Why Your Business Needs More Landing Pages

Each landing page should serve a specific purpose. Companies that divide their products into different categories typically make a landing page for each category.

Organizing landing pages in a logical way can help users navigate your website and find the particular service or product that they desire. Fewer landing pages equals less structure, forcing customers to dig to find the service or product they want. The harder it is to find the particular product your clients desire, the fewer sales or conversions your website may generate. Ultimately, landing pages make life easier for your clients.

Making Landing Pages Count

It's not enough to create many landing pages on your website; they must also be good quality. For example:

  • The less text the better. Long landing pages with lots of text can be daunting to potential customers. Most people want to read as few words as possible when browsing the Internet. Use concise language and short, easy to understand sentences to entice your visitors to stay longer.
  • Make it skimmable. People don't want to read long paragraphs to find the information that they're seeking. Formatting your landing pages to be easy to skim is a good way to keep people lingering on your website. Bulleted lists and use of bold text can help potential customers or clients find exactly what they're looking for in as little time as possible.
  • Use white space. White space is also a powerful tool when it comes to making websites easy to navigate. The more white space found on your landing pages, the easier it will be for your clients to focus on the product offered by your business.
  • Keep landing pages focused on one or two ideas. Simplicity is key when it comes to creating effective landing pages. Limit your landing pages to only one or two goals or ideas so your customers will know whether or not they're in the right place when navigating your website.

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