5 Best Practices for B2B Mobile Marketing

It is not only B2C customers who are using mobile technology these days. Mobile devices are being widely used in B2B companies as well. Many companies are issuing tablets to their sales people and project managers. Tablets are easier to carry around, and have access to the programs and systems that are needed. Additionally, virtually everyone in B2B companies answers their email, communicates with customers and vendors and does some Internet research on their smartphones. These factors are even more in evidence when employees are frequent travelers. What does that mean for B2B marketers? It is time for B2B marketers to get serious about adding mobile marketing to their repertoire.

Top 5 Best Practices for B2B Mobile Marketing

1. Mobile Optimization

Responsive web design is a must for B2B marketing. Your website should be easy to navigate and use on any device that it is accessed from.  Responsive design will present your website in the best possible configuration for the querying device. This way there will be no interruption in the quality of service as your prospect moves from search to your site or landing page. Additionally, you should be sure that your site loads quickly. Mobile devices are often accessing your site from less than perfect Internet connections. If your site is slow, imagine how slow it is from a job site.

2. Mobile-Friendly Email Marketing

Since your prospects and customers will undoubtedly be viewing your emails on their smartphones and tablets, your email campaigns need to be mobile-friendly, and optimized for these devices. Email marketing is a powerful tool for B2B marketing that transfers readily to mobile.

3. Marketing Using Videos


Videos are highly popular on mobile devices, and are shared often. They pop open at the right size (mobile responsiveness), and are short and fun to watch. B2B marketers should take advantage of this marketing channel. Videos can be shared on your own site, on a YouTube channel and on several social media sites. Video is a good way to gain a viral following if you can find the perfect educational entertainment.

4. Device Tracking

Knowing where your audience is coming from is highly useful. You should be tracking your website visitors to find out what type of device and browser they are using. With this knowledge, you can test your marketing campaigns on those devices to ensure that your customers are seeing what you want them to see, and getting the best user experience possible. Not all coding works perfectly on every device. Additionally, you may not realize how many of your customers are visiting you from mobile devices. Most of your visitors will come to you from more than one device. They may have a desktop in the office, a laptop or tablet on the road and their smartphone that they carry everywhere.

5. Add Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are a great way to find prospects, qualify them and even get sales. Apps can be used to help your customers during a scheduled conference, survey them for helpful feedback and create customer loyalty. You can have them register for events and answer their common questions. Apps can be developed for many functions that lead to more business for you. What type of apps does your competition have? See what works and consider adding an app of your own.


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