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Why You Need to Use Social Media Videos?

Consumers are plugged in to social media, and almost everyone watches videos. This easily makes social media videos one of the most powerful tools in marketing today. Understanding the power of social media videos can help you decide if this medium is the right advertising tool for your company and your customers.

Videos Attract Attention Better Than Any Other Online Medium

The brain is trained to focus on moving objects over stationary objects. On a page of text and video, the video will capture the attention of the audience before text. Text always comes second. In a world of short attention spans and 140 character Tweets, videos are king. Companies hoping to grab the eye of consumers and hold them to the screen can do so with video.

Videos Deliver Content Quickly and Easily

Assuming that your online audience will only pay attention to your page for a matter of seconds before moving on, your company has very little time to deliver your message and reel in your customers. Videos have the an advantage in this arena. Videos deliver content more quickly than other mediums because they are seen and heard at the same time. This makes it possible for videos to grab audiences faster than other mediums.

Videos Can Improve Google Rankings

Google loves videos, and is known to prioritize video over text. Between two different websites of more or less equal content, one with text only and one with text and video, the website with video and text and is likely to be ranked higher in Google searches.

Mobile Users Love Videos

It’s said that 88% of mobile users watch short videos all the way through to the end. This is not so with desktop users. Mobile users make up a huge percentage of the market, so capturing their attention is important, and video is the best way to do that.

Tips for Making Videos Work

It’ s not enough to simply post videos to a social media platform. It must be done right.

  • Know the platforms. YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms all have different users and present videos in different ways. For example, Twitter videos can be up to 2 minutes and 20 seconds long, where as Instagram videos are only 15 seconds long. This makes a big difference in the type of content that can be delivered on these two platforms. Knowing the differences between the platforms can help ensure that the right video is used on the right platform.
  • Keep the videos short. Regardless of the time limits on your social media platforms, videos under 4 minutes are best. Videos over 4 minutes are simply too long to hold an audience's attention.
  • Work with an expert. It may sound like a simple thing to make a well-crafted video that’s less than 4 minutes long, but it’s not. Working with an expert helps to ensure that the video your business produces will reflect well on your company and attract the attention of discerning customers.

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