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July 8, 2019

Web Development & Content Writing: The Perfect Tag Team

By Tracey Bauer 2 Minute Read

Ask any marketing pro. Web development and content writing have a tendency to exist separately. As a result, the agency builds the site, but already crunched for time, you (the client) opt to write the content. It makes sense on paper. You’re the subject matter expert (SME) in your industry, after all. However, you probably have a lot going on and writing compelling and engaging copy may not be on your to-do list. Even if it’s a high priority, take it from us, creating solid content for a new website often gets put on the back burner. Let your website become the powerhouse you need it to be by combining development and content into one project.

Focus On What Matters—Your Business

As a business, your number one job is to make your organization the best it can be. That means daily operations, sales, customer service and generating revenue. Sometimes there isn’t enough time in the day to think, let alone write the copy for your website and provide it to your agency. At the same time, being a master of your industry doesn’t necessarily translate into stellar writing skills. That’s where content writers come in. Don’t go all in on a beautiful website without compelling, relevant and educational information for your customers and prospects. Instead of stressing over the written content, consider sitting an interview with the content writer, or providing brief talking points and trusted resources. We’ll do the rest!  

Development, Design and Content Writing all Working as One

Design and Development working as one

Sure, designers, developers and writers do different things for a web project, but each position works in concert with one another when the project is under one roof. Before a site even goes into development, the design team creates mockups of what it should look like, complete with color and graphic elements (UX designers even dictate functionality). Developers recreate that vision on a platform that will live on the internet, taking the design from an abstract visual rendering to a tool that has multiple pages, each with a different purpose and functional properties (motion, animation, form submissions and more). 

The thing is, a website becomes little more than a picture show without written information that keeps your audience interested in your products, services, mission and attitude. That’s where content expertise comes in. Content glues design and development together, providing substance to back up your site’s killer layout. These teams have different goals, but they’re on the same page about project vision, creating a cohesive website experience, as elements such as a logo affect development and colors across the site, and imagery may impact the tone of writing. 

Increased Website Traffic through SEO

Business owners are crazy intelligent about their fields. So when your new website project comes down the pike, you probably have a good idea of the information and other content that needs to be featured throughout the site. However, the knowledge gap on the client end is how to make that information discoverable online. That’s what we do! Enter SEO. Writers, with help from digital media analysts, weave relevant keywords into content, as well as include additional elements like page titles, meta tags and descriptions on each page to get the attention of search engines like Google and Bing. Like all marketing partnerships, you continue to serve as the SME while your content creator takes your writing to the next level and makes sure you attract that ideal customer. 

Trust ProFromGo for Web Development & Content Writing

Any web design and development project is a major undertaking. Your website is the digital representation of your business, so make a valuable impression! At ProFromGo, we offer website services through WordPress, HubSpot and our very own Studio PFG, providing options for every need and price point. For the best of both worlds within budget, consider Studio PFG. Our template-based Web development platform is highly customizable AND affordable to free up budgeted dollars for professional content writing! Unleash the potential of your website with professional development and content writing from ProFromGo.

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