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Web Design Trends That Never Go Out of Style

The Internet has been commonly used in households and by businesses for over 20 years. While some web design trends have come and gone (remember frames, anyone?), some design conventions will never, ever go away. These conventions are what make websites user friendly, fun to look at and easy to explore.

Smart Use of White Space

White space, the empty area usually found around text and images, helps guide the eye over websites. Some may think of white space as wasted space, but designers with experience and training know the truth: white space is breathing room for the eyes and the brain. The more white space your website contains, the easier it is to focus on the content that matters.

Readable Text

Readability is critical for website functionality. Font plays a big role in readability. Sans serif fonts tend to be easier to follow and have fewer lines to distract readers. However, font isn’t the only factor that influences readability. Other influences include:

  • Line spacing. Line spacing is the distance between two lines on a page. 1.5 point and 2 point line spacing can prevent the eye from jumping between lines.
  • Text width. The longer the line, the harder it will be to read. Many web designers use margins to limit the length of their lines to make the text more readable for certain viewers.
  • Font size. Smaller font sizes may look cool, but they’re harder for some audiences to read.


The fewer words on your website, the better. Audiences don’t have time to read a lot of text, which is why many websites use icons and images in place of words. Large, straight-forward images can convey an idea more quickly and easily than paragraphs of text, while icons can help users find what they need in a timely fashion. This type of simplicity can help audiences navigate straight to their intended destination quickly and without frustration.

Attractive Color

Attractive color schemes are crucial for keeping audiences lingering on your website. The color schemes themselves may change, but the presence of a cohesive color scheme on your website should not. Just a few years ago, bright bold color schemes were everywhere on the web. In 2017, it’s believed that the most popular color schemes will involve neutral, muted colors like beige, gray and cream.

Personalized Photography

Stock photography has been around almost since the beginning, but personalized photography remains the most impactful and effective type of photography a business can use on its website. Photographs can be used in a variety of ways on your website, to set a mood, make a point or create an emotional connection between business and consumer.

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