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How Is VR Changing Marketing?

VR is changing marketing in a permanent way. In the next 24 months, virtual reality is predicted to take off in the marketing world. With more companies using VR to touch clients, attract new customers and build an attractive brand, VR is soon to be a commonplace technology that all customers can engage with and enjoy.

Stirring Emotions

VR is the ultimate storytelling technology. By literally immersing customers in stories, VR can stir emotions in a way that no other medium can. Expect to see a lot of compelling dramas popping up in VR marketing, with companies reaching out to customers to help them see the world in an emotional and wholly dramatic way.

Creating Fantasy

One of the most exciting things about virtual reality is the way it enables companies to create unreal settings and then immerse its customers inside those settings. With the help of VR, restaurants can create images of flying waiters while aeronautics companies can create virtual trips to other galaxies and even other other universes.

The sky is not the limit when it comes to virtual reality, and in fact, there are no limits at all. Virtual reality allows your company to send your customers to any fantasy land that suits your purpose.

Going the Distance

Imagine sending your customers to far off, unreachable places. Think: Fiji. The moon. Or your business’s warehouse in a remote part of rural Pennsylvania. Your customers will see and experience your business in a way that they’ve never seen your business before.

Transforming the Consumer Experience

Very soon, your consumers will be able to shop at your stores from a virtual room. Customers will pick products from a virtual shelf and load the products into a virtual cart and pay after having a completely virtual experience in your store. This actually happened in November of 2016, when Macy’s used VR to enable Chinese consumers shop at its New York store. In this way, VR can actually shrink the world, bringing customers from far and wide to individual stores.

Tips for Using VR

VR is a powerful tool, but in order to create a successful VR campaign, it’s important to take a practical approach.

  • Hire a professional. VR can make consumers sick if it’s not done correctly. Hiring a professional company to make your VR will ensure that the VR experience is a positive one for viewers.
  • Expect to pay. VR is complicated and messy from a production standpoint, requiring three cameras and a lot of heavy processing from computers. For this reason, you can expect to pay triple the price of a normal professional grade video.
  • Do smart shopping. When hiring a professional company to make your VR, interview each studio to find the right match for your needs. Ask to see portfolios of previous work and talk about your plans for your VR video. Pick a company that you can communicate with well and who shares your vision.

Create a VR Marketing Strategy

What’s your VR marketing strategy? At ProFromGo we help businesses in Pittsburgh and beyond to craft a marketing strategy that will attract customers and build a brand. We specialize in SEO, online content and other technology-related marketing strategies. We understand the local markets and know how to reach local consumers. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact us today at (412) 530-5027.

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