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Vendilli Digital Group Named a Top Pittsburgh Agency


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We are proud to announce that named us one of the best digital marketing agencies in Pittsburgh! They selected 25 agencies as best in class based on several factors.   

The selection process looked at the responsiveness, qualifications, reputation, experience and professionalism of each agency.

We credit our success to our five-step process called Plan V. Following these steps enables us to provide our clients with a focused, strategic approach to reach their business goals. 

Step I - Strategize 

This first step helps clients uncover what is most important. We need to understand the roadblocks they face, their design preferences and the complexity of their problems. These insights enable us to develop buyer personas, perform keyword research and start creative concepts. 

Step II - Position 

By following the StoryBrand framework, we guide clients through clarifying their message so it's clear, compelling and easily understood by customers. We provide clients with a Brandscript, internal messaging, a tagline and a word bank. The word bank establishes a common language for all of the messaging. 

Step III - Create 

Once we understand the business goals, unique design tastes, preferences, and aesthetics we design the website. We provide clients with three potential homepage mock-ups. While each design is visually different, they are all created to improve the user experience and drive visitors to take action.  

Step IV - Execute 

We don’t give clients a website and simply walk away. We provide the ongoing creative that’s essential for clients to reach their goals. Based on their individual needs, this could be inbound marketing, digital advertising, or content marketing. 

Step V - Optimize 

We understand that business is fluid. That's why we conduct bi-monthly calls to keep us in sync with each client's needs. We’ll review analytics and make the necessary adjustments. Constantly refining the marketing ensures clients stay on track to meet their goals. 

If your current agency doesn’t provide all of the above, contact us! Everyone on our team is committed to providing personalized attention so clients reach their goals. 


Erica Follette
About the Author
Erica is a Content and Customer Service Specialist at Vendilli. In her free time, you can find Erica binge watching Netflix shows, practicing martial arts, drinking way too much coffee or tending to the needs of her spoiled dog and reptiles.
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