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December 13, 2016

Trends Driving Marketing in 2017

By Chris Vendilli 2 Minute Read

With the year's end looming ahead, many business may be wondering what changes in marketing 2017 will bring. Keeping up with differences in marketing trends will help your company draw customers and grow your client base. The following trends are currently important in business marketing and can be expected to become even more prominent in 2017.

Mobile Content

You may remember the days when it was enough for a business just to have a desktop website, but those days are now gone. Desktop users make up a shrinking percentage of Internet audiences. Now that smartphones and mobile users are ubiquitous, businesses must adapt or lose customers.

Mobile websites differ from desktop websites in a variety of ways. Mobile sites often include vertical menus that fit properly in small screens. This makes it easier for mobile users to navigate websites and find important information. In addition, reduced presence of graphics helps keep websites clutter free and can decrease the time it takes for a site to load.

Without a website that caters to mobile audiences, many businesses lose clients who primarily surf the Internet from their mobile devices. This will become even more true in the coming year.


Newsletters enable businesses to reach out to potential customers and provide relevant, organic content. Newsletters also allow businesses to nurture leads, increase conversion rates, and strengthen brand loyalty in existing customers by making regular, meaningful contact with clients.

The best way to use newsletters to reach clients and leads is by generating unique and well-crafted content. Good quality newsletters draw more attention from potential clients and produce better results overall.

Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming videos are inexpensive to make and allow businesses to make contact with customers in a way that customers can understand. The "homemade" quality of a live streaming video only serves to make the video seem more urgent, more interesting and more relevant to potential customers. Live streaming videos are also inexpensive, because they incur none of the costs associated with professionally made marketing videos.

Unfiltered and unedited content is exciting to viewers, who have come to expect the unexpected from advertising and entertainment. The idea that anything can happen in a live streaming video is very real and important to modern audiences. This medium will become more popular in 2017 as businesses look for mediums that can increase viewer engagement.

Interactive Content

Modern audiences have famously short attention spans, and now more than ever, businesses are looking for ways to keep the attention of their customers. Interactive content can engage the viewer in a variety of ways.

By allowing audiences to make choices that affect the outcome of advertisement and marketing content, businesses make their advertisements interesting to a wide variety of potential customers. To see an example of successful interactive content, take a look at this interactive infographic from the BBC.

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