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January 31, 2017

Testing and Measuring Marketing Campaigns

By Chris Vendilli 2 Minute Read

Your company may spend a lot of money on its marketing strategy, but do you know if that marketing strategy is effective? Testing and measuring your company's marketing campaigns can help direct your marketing efforts and ensure that your strategies are right for your audience.

Plan Metrics In Advance

It's much harder to track and measure your marketing strategy without laying the groundwork in advance. Do you want to track new visitors to your webpage? Perhaps track the effectiveness of your web content? Do you want to measure bounce rate, page views, or social media effectiveness?

Knowing what you want to track can help you decide which tracking tools will be most useful for your needs. Having the right marketing tools will enable your team to either test your marketing strategy before your strategy is fully implemented, or track your marketing strategy as it's being used in real time.

Use Social Media

Social media itself is a great platform for checking which headlines and subject lines attract the most attention from audiences. Plan in advance the Facebook or LinkedIn posts you'd like to use, then record which posts get the most clicks. Pay close attention to the verbiage used in these posts, as subtle changes can make all the difference.

Change the Price

Sometimes it's not the marketing campaign that stops a marketing strategy from being effective, but the pricing of the product. Changing your price and testing those changes on your customers can help your company find the right price for what you're trying to sell. This sets the stage for a successful marketing campaign by making your product more accessible and desirable to your customers.

Split Testing

Split testing is one of the most basic ways that your company can test marketing strategies. A/B testing allows you to gauge the effectiveness of your marketing content. Multi-variant testing can be informative as well. However, don't forget that multi-variant testing requires a much larger pool of people, because dividing your audience into many small groups will produce numbers that are too small to interpret effectively.

Contact ProFromGo To Get Started

Testing and measuring the effectiveness of your company's marketing campaign can help your company spend its marketing money wisely. Unfortunately, many companies fail to perform tests or take measurements.

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Chris Vendilli
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