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Social Media Marketing Trends for 2018

Social media is one of the most important marketing tools used by businesses. Social media makes it easy to reach customers and clients, improve brand awareness and increase audience engagement. In 2018, content will be more engaging, mobile ready and more fun to watch. Marketing professionals who are getting a jump start on their social media marketing for the coming year can focus on these trends to ensure that their marketing tactics are effective.

Better, More Engaging Content

Content is king in the marketing world, and the more engaging the content, the better. Audiences like good stories, factual information and articles that entertain. Interactive content is effective because it draws audiences in and increases audience engagement. Even small interactions make a big difference. Short surveys, questions with yes/no answers and basic polling encourages readers to think about what they're reading. Asking questions and encouraging readers to participate in the online discussion also helps.

Working with talented and experienced content writers is important. Writers who know what audiences want can more reliably create content that audiences like to read. Good content helps ensure that audiences will come back again and again.

Prevalence of Mobile-Ready Content

Earlier this year, the number of unique mobile users accessing the Internet through their phones reached 3.5 billion. It's estimated that Internet users spend around 70% of their time on social media using smart phones.

In other words, mobile-ready content is critical for reaching most audiences. So, what makes content mobile-ready? It's short, easy to read and to the point. Bullet points, short sentences and telling headers help make mobile-ready content easy to scan and read on a small screen.

Many businesses also capture more mobile users by posting short and catchy links on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Linking articles to social media is a good way to capture attention from mobile audiences who spend much of their time on social media apps.

Videos, Videos, Videos

The eye is drawn to anything that moves, and the ears automatically listen to any thing that makes sound. Perhaps this is why video is so much more engaging than written content. In 2018, the focus on videos will become even more prevalent online. Videos for the web tend to be short and sweet, which makes them easy and inexpensive to make.

Even so, it's best to work with a marketing professional and videographer when producing a video for your website. Working with a professional will help ensure that your content has what it takes to attract audiences. If possible, keep your online video at around two minutes or less. The shorter a video is, the more likely it is that audiences will watch to the end.

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