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SEO in Pittsburgh: Understanding Search Industry Jargon Cp-Ht

In SEO in Pittsburgh: Understanding Search Industry Jargon Co-Co, we discussed two major terms related to the internet marketing and SEM/SEO industries. This included Contextual Relevance, which refers to content and associated links being relevant or similar to each other, and Conversion Rates – the percentage of your website traffic that actually converts to a "sale." In this installment of SEO in Pittsburgh: Understanding Search Industry Jargon, we'll detail 5 more important terms: CPC, Domain Age, Domain Name, FTP and HTML.


CPC is an acronym for Cost Per Click. Any time you enter a search parameter into a search engine like Google, there are two types of results that are returned: organic and paid. While organic results are returned based on the merit of the site and how well it is optimized, paid results are just that – people pay to show up on the SERP or Search Engine Results Page.

In most cases the paid search results are highlighted and are on the top and sides of the page. Businesses are able to bid against other businesses to be returned in that part of search results when a consumer enters keywords or keyphrases related to their products or services. However, it's not just about how much you bid that determines where your ad will be placed.

Instead, it's also about how well optimized your site or landing page is relative to the keywords you're targeting with your ad. Therefore, you still need to know a considerable amount about SEO in order to run a paid search or SEM campaign. This is where SEO in Pittsburgh can prove extremely valuable in the form of an all-in-one professional provider. Click here for a free consultation now: Pittsburgh SEO.

*Domain Age

The domain age refers to the length of time since the domain was first registered. This is important in internet marketing because seasoned (older) domains are generally afforded more trust, reliability and search weight than new websites. For this reason, many business owners and web masters purchase aged domains and make them work for their own purposes using 301 redirects.

However, a proper Pittsburgh SEO company can rank your site regardless of the domain age.

*Domain Name

The domain name is the name of your primary URL or page. All other pages and posts on a site are really just sub pages of the main domain. In the case of this site, the domain name is


File Transfer Protocol is a particular method of moving files and parts of files on the web and uploading, storing or managing them with various website platforms. Few business owners will ever need to work with FTP on their own, so in most cases anything requiring FTP should be left to an expert. Nevertheless, people that become proficient managing their own Wordpress websites may eventually have a need to use limited FTP on their own.

If you do so, always make sure that you backup your site first.


HTML is the language of the internet. It stands for Hypertext Markup Language, and it tells web browsers and other pieces of software how and where to display graphics, links, features, fonts, text, colors, content, and basically everything that you see on a website.

Simple HTML – like how to increase a font size or force a page break – is used by savvy business people to manage their content and websites. However, complex HTML needs should always be referred to a specialized Pittsburgh SEO company.

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