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Important Message: Scam Alert


It has come to our attention through numerous reports from job seekers around the world, that scammers are impersonating our company and preying upon job seekers looking to defraud them and gain access to their bank account information. These individuals are contacting people via LinkedIn, text messages, and email, claiming to be representatives of our company or a recruiting firm called “Randstad.” They are then directing individuals to communicate with them on WhatsApp.

The scammers are encouraging job seekers to create accounts on a website using a URL that mimics our brand name and logo. The website in question contains vendilli-ppc in the URL (please do not search for or visit the site there's a significant chance it contains malware). Please note that this website is not affiliated with us in any way and they are utilizing our logo and branding without authorization or permission.

Here are some red flags to watch out for in general: 

Promises of Unrealistic Rewards: The scammers are promising job seekers bonuses and daily commissions in USDT (a form of cryptocurrency) for completing tasks. They may also ask for banking information under the guise of setting up payments.

Unauthorized Use of Our Brand: The fake website uses our brand colors and logo without authorization. We want to emphasize that we have zero affiliation with these scammers.

Request for Payment: Job seekers are asked to pay a $50 application fee. Legitimate employers do not require payment from job applicants.

If you encounter any communication from individuals claiming to represent our company or if you receive messages directing you to the aforementioned website, please exercise extreme caution. Do not provide any personal or financial information, and do not proceed with any requests for payment.

We are actively working to address this issue and prevent further harm to job seekers as well as our brand name. In the meantime, we encourage everyone to verify the legitimacy of any communication or website purportedly associated with our company.

If you have any concerns or encounter suspicious activity, please reach out to us directly through official channels listed on our website.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!



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