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Pittsburgh SEO: Search Engine Industry Terms Of – Pa

In Pittsburgh SEO: Search Engine Industry Terms Ls – No, 5 key terms related to search engine optimization in Pittsburgh and search engine marketing overall were discussed. These included the terms LSI – terms related to primary keywords, Meta Data – terms used to describe a site, Monetization – methods of earning revenue from a site, Nameservers – methods of directing domain names, and No-Follow/Do-Follow links; a set of instructions that permits or denies a search bot from following a link. In this installment we'll detail 4 additional terms related to Pittsburgh SEO and search engine marketing.

Pittsburgh SEO: Off-Page Optimization

Off-Page Optimization refers to all efforts and strategies to improve a site's search ranking and overall visibility that do not directly occur on the website. This primarily consists of building backlinks through such activities as article marketing, press release writing and distribution/syndication, guest blogging, blog commenting, link exchanges, document sharing, social bookmarking and more. Because all of these tactics – when done correctly – benefit a site but do not occur directly on the site, they are referred to as off-page optimization strategies.

Pittsburgh SEO: On-Page Optimization

On-Page optimization strategies are those that work to improve a site's organic and paid search rankings by directly manipulating the website itself. This can be accomplished through properly optimized tags, titles and Meta data, and by publishing high quality keyword rich content on a consistent basis.

Additionally, on-page optimization includes providing clean and efficient navigation and user-friendly layouts and graphics. Page loading time should be as low as possible, and page content should offer value and be related to the search terms used to find the page.

On-page optimization – like off page optimization – is primarily about high quality content, but with on-page optimization there are a lot more technical and mechanical aspects involved that can significantly improve or hinder a website's rankings.

Pittsburgh Search Engine Optimization: What is Organic Search and Organic Traffic?

Organic search refers to non-sponsored search results displayed by search engines for user queries. In most cases when a query or keyword/keyphrase is entered into a search engine, two sets of results are displayed: paid search results and organic search results.

Organic results are those that are provided based on hundreds of metrics that are calculated and applied by complicated search engine algorithms. These types of results are generally thought to be displayed based upon merit – meaning that the results that are deemed most relevant to the search query will be displayed.

Organic search rankings are improved by utilizing On-Page and Off-Page strategies for optimization.

SEO in Pittsburgh and Page Rank

Page Rank is a measure of the perceived trust and authority of a website. Page Rank was created and is managed by Google, and measures a site on a scale of PR0-PR10, with PR10 being the highest possible ranking. Google is PR10, interestingly.

Many webmasters and business owners strive to improve their page rank despite the fact that there are no set rules for doing so. In fact, Google representatives have been known to advise people to ignore PR and just concentrate on create a valuable user experience and high quality content.

In the upcoming installment of Pittsburgh SEO: Search Engine Industry Terms, we'll discuss several more terms that are critical to understand in order to become successful with search engine marketing – both organic and paid. However, if you don't have the time or skills to wait, then take action right now and call for a free, confidential consultation from a professional Pittsburgh SEO company. After all, every day you wait is just another day that your competition gets ahead of you. Call us now to lead the curve.

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