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Pittsburgh SEO Firm to Release Proprietary Optimization Packages



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Pittsburgh SEO Firm to Release Proprietary Optimization Packages

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania March 30, 2012

ProFromGo Internet Marketing– a Pittsburgh-based SEO and web development firm – announced the official addition of comprehensive SEO content management packages to its arsenal of offerings this week. The packages consist of strategies the firm claims are entirely white-hat in nature.

Chris Vendilli, founder and Chief of Operations for ProFromGo, stated that the packages were meant to help alleviate the need for businesses to use tactics that are against the guidelines of major search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

"We've always offered white-hat SEO content and management services according to individual client needs. But in the past,ProFromGo Internet Marketing
providing packaged deals was generally too difficult to do while keeping all components clearly within acceptable webmaster guidelines. We've finally found a way to do that and are offering these packages to the public in limited quantities."
Vendilli explained during a recent interview.

However, some in the search engine optimization industry believe that white hat SEO doesn't really exist. These people state that all deliberate attempts to gain links are in fact against the guidelines set forth by the big three search engines. The general idea among the group is that a site can only be considered legitimate if it builds links naturally, but the explanation for what natural is varies from vague to non-existent. Vendilli says these people are misinformed:

"It's not about links. It's about creating valuable, useful content and making it easily accessible by the people who are looking for it, when they're looking for it. Linking happens naturally when a query matches the resulting content and the user is happy with what they find."

But when asked to explain how the white-hat naysayers suggest a person should build and market a website naturally, Vendilli just laughs.

"I think those people have seen Field of Dreams too many times. That sort of 'build it and they will come' mentality won't work in a world with hundreds of millions of websites and billions of pages of content."

ProFromGo company headquarters confirmed the new SEO content management packages will be available for purchase online in April at:

ProFromGo is a Pittsburgh-based Internet Marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization and internet marketing. To learn more about the company's new SEO content management packages, request an immediate free consultation at: or call 1-412-530-5027


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