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Meet Vendilli's New Account Manager!

Oh boy, they made the new girl write about herself. Nothing good could ever come of this… right? Hi friends, my name is Megan and I am the newest addition to the Vendilli Digital Group team as our Account Manager. Here’s my story: 

Why Marketing?

When I first started college, my goal was to move to Nashville after graduating and work for a record label, so I chose to study Music Business. I wanted my career to be focused around searching for new, undiscovered musicians and helping them get their “big break” in music. Well, obviously since I’m here, that didn’t happen. Trust me, it’s a good thing. 

In my second semester, I took an introduction to Marketing class as part of my “business” core classes and fell head over heels for the field. My professor described marketing as “finding out what people want and giving it to them” - which is what I was looking to do in music, except I learned I could apply that to so many other fields. I love to make people happy, and being in marketing is a great way to do that! 

What is Marketing to me?

I really took my professor’s marketing definition to heart when he shared that with me my freshman year. Too many people think of marketing as sell, sell, sell; to the point that when I was looking at career opportunities senior year, most of the companies I looked at were advertising a sales job as a marketing position. 

To me, marketing is about the overall journey someone takes in finding the right solution to their problem. This could be as small and simple as choosing bagels at a grocery store or much bigger and complicated like building a website. At the end of the day, there is a decision to be made and one product or service will fill someone’s needs the best, and as a marketer, it is my job to help them find that solution. 

Why VDG?

Fun fact: I wasn’t looking for a new job. But I saw a friend of mine share a job posting and thought it wouldn’t hurt to apply. A few days later, I was meeting my future coworkers and touring my new office! 

Having a few years of agency experience under my belt, I knew what to look for when it came to my wants and needs. The team here at VDG was quick to answer questions, squash concerns, and share the “real deal” about the business - we’re a bunch of creatives who like to have fun while helping our clients achieve the best results possible. And, we have a great balance between office and WFH days, which as a social person who hates working from home, was a huge need for me. 

What’s Your Future with VDG?

My future with VDG is so bright! I think this position has so much room to grow and expand as our company grows. In my first month, I have already learned so much and met so many fun, intelligent, and caring people. Now if only they would let me bring my cat to work…

Megan McGinnis
About the Author
Megan is a Pittsburgh native and Grove City College alumna where she graduated with a B.S. in Marketing Management and minor in Music. Thriving on spontaneity and her “gotta go fast” lifestyle, Megan has found that the crazy marketing agency life perfectly suits her personality and need for excitement. She loves a challenge and is constantly seeking new hobbies and ways to improve her work skill set. Good luck finding Megan after work - she could be out photographing a local concert, exploring a new city, sitting in with a jazz band, or trying not to hurt herself at the gym. During the freezing Pittsburgh winters, she’s usually at home crocheting with her cat, Mabel, asleep in her lap. Please don’t ask her to go outside when it’s snowing, though, unless it’s to go for a drive on an unplowed hill in her Subaru!
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