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March 14, 2024

Meet Pete: Vendilli's New Senior Account Manager

By Pete Gavin 1 Minute Read

Why Marketing?

I was a marketer before I knew what marketing was. I had a genuine passion to promote creativity ever since I was in high school. As my tech skills developed, I became obsessed with finding better ways to convert customers with new ideas and automation.

What is Marketing to me?

Marketing is a broad term. I’ve always been more on the creative side, but have learned that you need to crunch the numbers too. To me, marketing is “all things creative” to help companies tell their unique story and sell products. Whether it’s inbound or outbound, I’m always looking for new ways to help clients promote their brand.

Why VDG?

I was instantly drawn to Vendilli’s services, work environment, and impressive client base. After working remotely for several years, I changed out of my sweatpants and am happy to be in an office again. I already feel I’m in the right place for my long-term career goals.

What's your Future with VDG?

I’m excited to get to know our clients better and maintain solid relationships. My mission is to assist the team with my marketing skills to continue their success with HubSpot and beyond!

Pete Gavin
About the Author
From a quick glance, Pete looks like your average marketing guy. When you peel back the layers you’ll find a man of many creative talents. He attended the University of Colorado and went on to work for leading companies coast-to-coast, such as CBS and The Knot. He started using HubSpot in 2012 and helped grow (and sell) a marketplace SaaS company. When he’s not logged into a marketing hub, you can find him making music or playing golf with his two boys in Pittsburgh. Work Skills: Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Account Management, Advertising, Video Editing, Social Media, and Web Design.

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