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October 20, 2022

Meet Jim: Vendilli's Newest Copy Writer

By Jim T. 2 Minute Read

Hi, I’m Jim—the new copy writer at Vendilli Digital Group.

Why I Write

Many people think writing is easy or that it should be, but we writers know better. The simplest writing often disguises the mental strain behind it. A classic line that’s been attributed to many great writers, including France’s Blaise Pascal and America’s Ernest Hemingway is: “If I had had more time, I would have written a shorter letter.” (You need to think about that one!) The point is anyone can write ad nauseam—but the craft is reflected in saying what you need to say as clearly and concisely as possible.

I’ve taught writing for years on the college level and introduced my students to the 10% rule. (It wasn’t my idea, but it’s been too long to remember who told me!) The point is you write something and finish it. But before you send it on, you look at the word count—let’s say it’s 100 words. Then you think: “I’m going to take 10 words away.” You’d be surprised at the result—you’ll probably delete more than that.

Writing epitomizes my career: I studied journalism and communications at Duquesne University and then got a Master’s in Professional Writing at Wheaton College. I was a newspaper and TV reporter and writer, and I have written for companies, organizations, and government agencies in marketing, public relations, and corporate communications.

The Importance of Writing at VDG

At Vendilli, we know the world has changed and that everything today is a little bit faster than yesterday. We also know that technology, like it or not, rules the day. For writing, this means we need to get to the point faster than ever. We need to be as clear and compelling as possible because people just don’t have time to stick around: The average person spends more than seven hours a day viewing screen content—and the menu selection is, as psychologists say, choice overload.

That’s also why you see an estimated reading time at the top of this and many blog articles. Our time is precious, and we’re possessive about it, especially in the risky world of web browsing. If I know I can read a piece in 5 minutes—as opposed to 25—I’m more likely to do so. In fact, studies show reader engagement rates increase by 40 percent when reading times are provided.

One of my favorite quotes is from Leonardi Di Vinci: “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” The best writing is simple—but that doesn’t mean stupid. Simple can be—must be—thoughtful and even profound. Exact, uncomplicated writing is a gift to your audience because you never want to make your reader work. Any time someone needs to re-read something for clarity, you’ve lost them. The goal is to get them to finish the piece and say, “Ah, that was kinda nice.” That’s what we do at Vendilli Digital Group. We want you to stick around to the last line.

Why VDG?

I’ve worked at other agencies and have seen what egos and silos can do to overall morale. But what’s wonderful about Vendilli is how genuine everyone is, truly nice people who care about each other and their clients and who work hard as one to provide excellence every time. This starts with an amazing leadership team who embody what they believe—and inspire us to achieve excellence beyond our wildest expectations.


Jim T.
About the Author
Jim grew up in Pittsburgh and has more than three decades of experience in the writing and communications fields. He has worked as both a newspaper and television reporter, and has held positions in marketing and public relations in the industries of government, healthcare, and technology. His hobbies include photography and gardening.

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