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Meet Janelle: Vendilli's Newest Account manager

Hi, I’m Janelle! As Vendilli Digital Group’s newest Account Manager, I take on the role of a lightning rod. I’m here to ground everyone’s ideas and energy into something tangible and actionable. 

Why Marketing?

Being artistically minded and analytically driven does not make for a traditional, linear career path. I’ve worn a lot of different hats, but have found that nothing energizes me more in my career than finding the perfect solution to creative problems. Marketing allows me to explore both my artistic and analytical strengths without having to sacrifice one for the other. 

What is Marketing to me?

To me, marketing is everything steering your perfect customer to you. Some people see marketing as the path to getting someone to purchase, but I like to think of marketing as the signposts along the path. A customer is looking for a specific solution to their problem, and there are often many options, but none are quite perfect. As they journey down the path to purchase, signposts can help guide them to the perfect solution. 

Whether the signposts are targeted social media advertisements, well-timed email marketing, or even the beautifully designed website they land on, they all have the same function: to guide people to you.

Why VDG?

I had the chance to work with a few members of VDG while working as a graphic designer at my former company. I worked alongside many different vendors and teams, but I always looked forward to my meetings with VDG because they were always solutions-oriented, collaborative, and timely in delivery. When I heard that they had a few job openings, it was a no-brainer! 

What’s Your Future with VDG?

My job hunt was backward in a way. I found a company I wanted to work for, and then they found a good fit for me based on my skill sets. When my friends and family ask me for advice, I usually insist that they go with their gut no matter what. I followed my gut to VDG and found a group that prioritizes teamwork and plays to each member’s strengths and abilities. VDG is growing, and I’ll be growing into my role alongside them. No matter what that looks like in the future, for now, I’ll be growing with the flow.

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