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Meet Chris: Vendilli's New Web developer

Why Web Development?

After college, I redirected my focus from graphic design to web development—an initially daunting field for those not well-versed in tech, like myself at the time. Self-taught with books, blogs, Stack Overflow, and CodePens, my obsession grew as I transformed designs into responsive web layouts. I couldn't get enough of it. I was constantly designing and building, crafting a portfolio that ultimately opened doors for me today as a Front End Developer at Vendilli Digital Group.

How do I perceive my role in web development?

I recognized the importance of ensuring websites are inclusive for all users. Prioritizing accessibility in website design, rather than solely focusing on aesthetics, is akin to constructing a restaurant with both steps and a ramp. This ensures that everyone, regardless of their needs, can fully enjoy the experience.

Why VDG?

Vendilli's size empowers team members, including myself, to make a substantial impact. Drawing from experience in both small and large agencies, I recognize the benefits of working in a smaller mid-size agency, and I couldn't have asked for a better fit.

What’s Your Future with VDG?

Building better websites with less headaches in 2024 — whether staying current on new tools, mastering faster development, or asking the right questions to help streamline our processes.

Chris B.
About the Author
With roots tracing back to the southwest like a tumbleweed, Chris navigated through the North and Midwest states before establishing a sense of permanence in Pittsburgh at the age of 18. He pursued his passion for creativity and design by enrolling at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, where he earned a bachelor's degree in Graphic Design. Around 2015, Chris taught himself how to build websites, and the learning process has been contagious ever since. Work Skills: Front-End Development, Project Management, Graphic Design, Maintenance, and Support
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