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Marketing Horror Stories

Boo! Did we scare you? In honor of Halloween we want to talk about some of our top horror stories we’ve heard around the marketing industry. Dim the lights and grab some candy corn, you’re in for a real treat today. 

The Mystery Zoom Meeting 

We know everybody loves sitting in Zoom meetings for hours and hours… but how do we feel about waiting for hours and hours to find out what the meeting is about? This scary story is from Megan!

One rainy Wednesday morning, a Zoom invitation appears on your calendar for later in the afternoon. A whole five hours later, to be exact. The meeting is scheduled with you and two other members of your team. The rest of the invitation is blank. You panic. 

Did you do something wrong? Did THEY do something wrong? Is the whole department being let go? These are just some of the thoughts rushing through your head. To top it all off, the person who scheduled the meeting just went inactive in Slack. 

At Vendilli Digital Group, one of our biggest rules for hosting meetings is to always have an agenda. 

Wow that was scary! Think you can handle one more?

The Tale of the Moving Goalpost

 Too bad if you can’t! This next story is from Janelle about a feeling most of us have probably experienced…

Imagine you’re a top-performing athlete in the NFL. Your team just scored a touchdown, and you’re lining up to kick a game-winning field goal in the last minutes of the game. 

Tensions are high. Your team is counting on you. Everything hinges on this one moment. 

You charge forward, and just as your foot makes contact with the football, the goalpost is gone. Vanished out of thin air. Just as the football soars directly in the middle of where the goalpost used to be, you see it. A faint yellow blob in the distance, taunting you. Could it be? The goalpost moved on its own?

Your form was perfect. No wind or even a cloud in the sky. If the goalpost would’ve remained in the same spot, it would’ve been a win for the team. Now the crowd’s booing, your team is weary, and your mom is crying in the stands… 

Okay, that scenario was a little extreme, but moving marketing goalposts is a horror story all digital marketing experts are familiar with. Your form is perfect, the conditions are right, but now the efforts you’ve made to grow are eclipsed by the shadow of unrealistic expectations. 

When creating a scalable digital marketing strategy, it’s important to consider where a business is starting from. Do they have a website that needs a refresh? Are their communications getting the right message across to the right people? Are they ranking low in search results because they aren’t leveraging important keywords? These are all players on the field of digital marketing strategy, working together while performing different functions.

You wouldn’t expect your quarterback to tackle the wide receiver, just like you wouldn’t expect a linebacker to throw a touchdown pass.

Likewise, when digital marketing experts work to create an effective email marketing campaign that leads to higher engagement and more conversions for a business, and then we’re asked why they aren’t ranking number 1 on Google, it can leave us scratching our heads. 

Setting realistic, scalable goals that are measurable is integral to long-term growth. We meet our clients where they’re at, and set our sights on goalposts that we know will bring the most value. And when we’ve hit the initial goals we’ve defined, then we can talk about moving the goalpost together. 

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Not everything about your digital marketing process has to be a horror story - when working with our team of digital experts, your marketing strategy can go from scary bad to scary good.

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