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June 2, 2011

Main Street Marketing Machines Seminar - San Diego, California

By Chris Vendilli 1 Minute Read

I'm off for 5 days in San Diego but I'm upset to hear they've been having some unseasonably cold weather there lately... Oh well, I guess I'll just have to deal with mid 60's and sunny all week, poor me.

Michael Koenigs and the Traffic Geyser / Main Street Marketing Machines (MSMM) team are hosting a 2 day event for new customers of Main Street Marketing (this was the recent Fusion launch).

I usually don't give in to these sort of launches but since I hadn't been to an internet marketing conference or seminar since about 2006 or so I figured it couldn't hurt to take the trip just for the networking alone.

I've been pleasantly surprised thus far with the MSMM member's area and the great tools and applications that are available to members there for SEO and related efforts.

The most powerful syndication tools seem to be the web video distribution features that I've yet to really dig into...

I used to frequently use a free service called "TubeMogul" to blast out videos on behalf of clients but from my very early comparisons the Traffic Geyser powered Main Street Marketing solution to distributing web video far and wide, seems to be a bit superior in flexibility and ease of use.

I'm excited to have these powerful new tools at my disposal and am always on the lookout for any way to help get better results and more exposure for my highly valued web design and SEO clients.

I'll be sure to try and get a few good photos and share any good tips I pick up at the conference.

Now that I've flown through this little blog update on my iPad it's time to figure out a more entertaining way to pass the remaining hour and a half of my layover at Chicago O'Hare.

P.S. - Please excuse any spelling or punctuation errors for now, I'll try to touch this blog entry up a bit from my laptop once I get to the hotel in San Diego!

Chris Vendilli
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