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Hubspot Sales Tools: Not Just for Salespeople

We’re a little biased, we admit, when it comes to HubSpot and its wide variety of tools and services. So it’s no surprise we fell in love with a slew of clever ways to use HubSpot outside the typical CRM offerings. 

Here’s a quick look at how our team at Vendilli Digital Group employs some of these  lesser-known but generically useful HubSpot sales tools:

Email Snippets

Do you find yourself constantly rewriting the same sentence over and over in your emails? Perhaps it is a catchy sentence you send new clients after that first phone call, or maybe it’s just the instructions for your office coffee maker. Meet your new best friend–email snippets! With this tool, you can save small fragments of text and insert them anywhere in your email block. Once placed into the email, you can add or remove text and personalize it anyway you please. We use a snippet frequently with parking instructions since our office elevator isn’t connected to the garage. One quick click saves us from having to type out the full details every time we invite a client in!

Email Templates

Similar to snippets, email templates, like document templates in Word, save an entire message for convenient reuse. After you load the message into your email, you can personalize it for the situation. Following staff meetings, we’ll send everyone a template summarizing the agenda; then, we’ll add any new insights from our discussion. This keeps everyone on task and makes it easy to remember the details. 

Email Tracking & Logging

Every now and then, somebody forgets to send an email or wonders if they did send one. Others want to know if their email was opened. With email tracking & logging, keeping up with conversations becomes a lot easier. No more relying on your email provider’s clunky search function or trying to remember the quirky subject line you wrote a week ago. Instead, you can simply locate the contact in HubSpot and view a full timeline of your conversations. This is especially helpful when multiple people are communicating with the same person. Gone is the fear of getting missed on a CC. Quickly you can keep up with the thread and save colleagues from having to repeat themselves. 


We all know how long a task list can go and the challenges it can bring. Do you find yourself trying to remember a follow up? Are you afraid you might miss your coworker's birthday like you did last year? Tasks are a great way to set reminders of something due down the road. And, when they’re done, you get the satisfaction of checking them off your list. 

Contact Records

HubSpot also can help you keep track of all your contact communications in one place–whether it’s a call, email, meeting, or just a quick note. These items can be tracked and accessible by all your HubSpot users. Keeping up-to-date contact records ensures you can provide the best customer experience all the time–and not just during sales cycles. 


Often used by salespeople for share pricing sheets and case studies, documents is a great tool that lets you share files without having to attach them. You can build a library of content for your entire team to upload and share documents with your contacts. With a document sitting in HubSpot, you can quickly add it to an email without having to dig through your computer or worry about attaching large files. Plus, you can see if the recipient opened the file and how long they spent reviewing it. Paired with an email template, you’ll be exchanging documents and instructions faster than ever.  

Scheduling Pages

This is one of our favorite tools at Vendilli Digital Group! One study shows it takes, on average, 8 emails back-and-forth just to schedule a meeting–and that number only grows as you invite more people. Using scheduling pages, you can create a single link that will share your availability (in 15-, 30-, or 60-minute increments). You also can include multiple team members’ calendars to check mutual availability. If you’ve ever received an email from someone on our team, you’ll notice a snazzy little “Schedule with (Name)” button in the footer. This makes it easy to book a meeting with anyone from our agency without having to play email tag all morning! 


Now it’s time to really have some fun. Email sequences are a great tool to send time-based automated messages to your clients. Our favorite part is that they are smart, so they’ll only keep running until you get a reply. For example, at Vendilli, if a customer hasn’t replied for a while, they’ll receive a series of humorous emails to grab their attention. Another great use for sequences is review solicitation: After a product or service is purchased, customers can receive a series of emails asking them to leave a review on Google or other platforms. You can get creative with these. 

Have we convinced you yet? HubSpot sales tools are great for everyone in the organization–not just your salespeople. Sometimes you just need to dig a little deeper to find creative ways to use the tools you have available. Not currently a HubSpot user? We’d love to change that. Click the button below to schedule a time with John to chat about sales tools and all the other great features HubSpot offers!  

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