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5 Signs That You Need a HubSpot Audit

If you're new to HubSpot, we know it can be overwhelming. Don't worry, I've been there! I was once new to HubSpot as well. The "all-in-one marketing software" will be a game-changer for your company, however, there isn't a magic button to make it all happen immediately (unfortunately). So before you dive into the deep end of your hubs, you need to have a strategy. This is where a HubSpot audit comes in.

What is a HubSpot Audit?

A HubSpot audit is a comprehensive review of your entire account. It analyzes every tool and identifies areas for improvement to optimize your sales, marketing, and service processes. Conducting a comprehensive portal audit unveils insights, enhances processes, and identifies avenues for improvement and optimization. Maximize your outcomes with an audit that propels you toward success.

A messy CRM translates to messy sales and marketing. Unreliable data, disorganized files, and duplicated information can waste time, resources, and lead to missed opportunities. Here are ways an audit can help: 

  • Identify areas where you're excelling
  • Discover opportunities for improvement
  • Learn about underutilized tools that can benefit your business
  • Gain insights on how to streamline workflows and processes

Who Needs an Audit?

Everyone who uses HubSpot can benefit from an audit, especially if you fall into any of these categories below:

  1. You're New to HubSpot.
  2. You’re a HubSpot user but are missing conversion opportunities.
  3. Your CRM contacts, lists, emails and workflows are disorganized.
  4. You're facing technical issues or reporting that looks wrong.
  5. You’re growing your marketing efforts and want to take advantage of more features.


What's the Process?

The specific audit will vary depending on your HubSpot package, but it typically covers all the tools within your CRM, sales, marketing, and service hubs. Here's a general breakdown:

  • CRM: Lists, workflows, sequences, forms, landing pages, files, templates
  • Sales Hub: Custom objects, templates, sequences, tasks, emails, snippets, files
  • Marketing Hub: Campaigns, forms, CTAs, emails, buyer personas, blogs
  • Service Hub: Conversations, tickets, knowledge base, automation, feedback surveys

How Can We Help?

For a truly insightful audit, consider working with a HubSpot Solutions Partner like Vendilli Digital Group. Agencies like us are marketing and sales experts and can help you leverage the platform most effectively. Here's what the process might look like:

  1. Kickoff Meeting: Discuss your company, products/services, and goals. We would need access to your HubSpot account for auditing.
  2. Evaluate: Audit your tool usage against HubSpot best practices and recommend underutilized tools for process improvement.
  3. Identify growth: Look for opportunities through potential hub upgrades, SEO improvements, and quick wins for efficiency.
  4. Findings & Recommendations Meeting: Discuss the audit results, receive recommendations for improvement, and get answers to your questions.

By partnering with us as your HubSpot Solutions Partner, you gain valuable expertise to optimize your HubSpot usage and achieve your marketing and sales goals!

Pete Gavin
About the Author
From a quick glance, Pete looks like your average marketing guy. When you peel back the layers you’ll find a man of many creative talents. He attended the University of Colorado and went on to work for leading companies coast-to-coast, such as CBS and The Knot. He started using HubSpot in 2012 and helped grow (and sell) a marketplace SaaS company. When he’s not logged into a marketing hub, you can find him making music or playing golf with his two boys in Pittsburgh. Work Skills: Inbound Marketing, Content Strategy, Account Management, Advertising, Video Editing, Social Media, and Web Design.
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