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How does messaging factor into rebranding?


“There is nothing permanent except for change.” When the Greek philosopher Heraclitus made that comment, chances are he didn’t realize he was talking about the importance of rebranding.

Last year, companies of all sizes quickly changed how they operated. The pandemic created a short-term change. But what about when your company experiences a long-term change? That’s when it’s time to consider rebranding. In a previous blog post, a rebrand was defined as, “a complete overhaul of who you are, not just visually, but at your core.” The words you use are essential to making the public understand what has changed.

The Difference Between Positioning and Branding

Let’s take a moment and discuss positioning and branding. In the simplest terms, positioning is why you are different. Your positioning is used internally to make sure your team is all on the same page. When you work on your positioning, consider your core benefits and values and how this matches your overall company goals. Your team should look at your current brand positioning and find the gaps from how you currently position yourself to where you want to be. This is a good time to take a fresh look at your competitors. If you’re evolving, they might have changed as well. 

Once you have defined your positioning, you can work on your messaging. Brand messaging is how you share your positioning with the world. 

As you work on your messaging, consider the following:

What is the reason for your rebrand?

 If your company recently went through a merger or is expanding the products and or services you offer, it is easy to convey that in your messaging. However, if your core values have changed or you are rebranding as a form of damage control, you need to spend more time making sure your message positions these changes in a positive light. 

Who are your current and future customers?

Every college marketing class tells us the importance of getting inside the head of your customers. However, when you are rebranding, the messaging needs to talk to both current and future customers. Your messaging needs to be relevant today, yet also set up your goals for the future. It’s all about balance. 

Is your message concise and memorable?

Your brand message should be shared everywhere—your social media posts, trade show signage, print brochures, newsletters, etc. But first, start with your website. When we went through the StoryBrand certification process a few months ago, it helped us zero in on the best way to articulate who we are:  Reliable Experts for Business Growth.

If you’d like help with your messaging, your website, or any other digital marketing effort, reach out to us! We’d love to help! 


Erica Follette
About the Author
Erica is a Content and Customer Service Specialist at Vendilli. In her free time, you can find Erica binge watching Netflix shows, practicing martial arts, drinking way too much coffee or tending to the needs of her spoiled dog and reptiles.
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