How Digital Marketing Does Social Distancing

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll wonder why you didn’t think to buy a Nintendo Switch sooner. Let’s check in with some of the ProFromGo team to see how digital marketing does social distancing with style. 

Alyssa - Senior UX/UI Designer

Alyssa More, Lead UX Designer | ProFromGo

While everyone else was binge-watching some weird tiger documentary, I feel as though I am trapped in a tiger’s den with two cubs (they are actually just really needy kids) trying to eat me alive. So, if you have a call with me over the next few months and you hear growling and/or crying – you know why! 

I am basically surviving by focusing on work and playing way too much Nintendo Switch in order to cope. Like the great Olaf the Snowman once said, “This is called controlling what you can when things are out of control.”

Corey - Senior Content Strategist

I’m the only person on the ProFromGo team who lives alone. Like most writers, I’m a true introvert, so not much has really changed for me in that regard. However, even this crabby introvert is getting a little stir-crazy. I’ve come to really cherish the online check-ins with my coworkers. We handle the business of the day, but still build in some time to post our most embarrassing high school photos or share a virtual cocktail.

For me, social distancing has provided a great opportunity to really focus on success for my clients. We’ve heard the platitudes: “Times are tough,” “we’ll get through this together,” blah blah blah. We know. What’s important to me is that all of my clients are empowered to keep telling their unique stories and remind their audiences just how amazing they are. There’s never been a better time to have a good web presence after all ; )

On a side note, my guitar and banjo have never felt more loved. I’ve been playing and taking care of my instruments like never before. However, I’m going to be SOL if I break a string... 

John - Director of Business Development

John Caruso Director of Business Development ProFromGo Internet MarketingWhat can I say? I am now a 30-something-year-old blogging in my parent’s basement. At times I have found working like this to be challenging, however in all honesty, I am really grateful to still be working, and also to be able to spend more time around my loved ones. I can't help but notice all of the strange ways I have been dealing with things. They make me laugh and I hope they make you laugh as well. 

I’ve planted 108 spinach plants. I’ve consulted my mother on applying for unemployment. I workout at home by curling buckets of rocks, and doing pull ups on a tree branch. I eat entirely way too much, and I have found that talking with my coworkers helps keep me sane. I laughed at myself thinking about all the goofy ways I’ve been dealing with things, but the truth is, whatever it is that you have to do to get through this, do it! 

Larry - Copywriter/Wealth Management Guru

Since I work from home anyway, it’s all pretty much routine to me. That is, except for not being able to go to the gym - we walk twice a day now - and the compulsion to wash my hands twice as often. I have the cleanest hands in the county. ­I have become the “mad wiper,” of sorts, wiping down my keyboard, mouse, phone, upstairs remote, downstairs remote and countertops as well. Maybe I have become a germaphobe. My wife thinks so. But I think ... nah! I’ve always been this way. 

The only things I am guilty of are watching a few too many episodes of Chicago P.D., Blue Bloods and Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives with my laptop on my knees, and wanting to spend more time playing ball and running around with my two grandsons – who video chat and do their lessons and homework via Zoom, the same technology we use for our meetings! Who would’ve thunk it? But it’s all good, and like I said, it’s all pretty much routine to me.   

Lauren - Account Manager

Lauren Lippert, Account Manager | ProFromGo Internet Marketing | PittsburghOh, quarantine. I’m thankful to be social distancing with my roommate, who is also my best friend. She’s great at making cool cocktails, teaching me the latest TikTok dances (yes, I’ve become addicted) and binging new TV shows with me (also, yes, we’ve watched Tiger King, but Little Fires Everywhere is SO GOOD). Besides all of that, I’ve been passing the time by taking walks around my neighborhood, following along to yoga videos on YouTube and doing a ton of online shopping for work attire, aka sweatshirts and joggers. 

It’s hard to not be completely consumed by negative news or scary statistics, but I’ve found peace in activities that I never thought too much about before. I’ve reconnected with friends from college on Group FaceTime, enjoyed being outside with the nice weather and started reading a new book. It’s safe to say that I will never forget this time, but that I also won’t take my normal routine for granted ever again.

Sarah - Senior Art Director

I worked from home with my daughter before all of this happened, so while not much has changed…it also feels like everything has changed. In my work life, I take comfort knowing that we’re all in a similar boat right now. I don’t stress if my child makes an appearance on a work call. I keep in communication and try to be honest in my capacity to turn something around quickly or if I might need more time. We’re all flying by the seat of our pants right now… right?

In my personal life, I cope by trying to give myself grace. I don’t need to write a best-selling novel or master a skill. I’m allowed to binge TV or go to bed at 8pm. A lot of us right now are trying to balance a number of full-time hats (parents, employees, teachers, caregivers, etc.), as well as cope with a global crisis, and that’s exhausting. One of the hardest things has been not being able to see loved ones (some who only live 4 minutes away), so we’re getting creative in the ways we keep in touch. We’ve had mass family video conferences, I’ve joined a snail mail swap with my mom and sisters, my best friend and I watched the same movie while on XBOX party chat.. and I’ve played a LOT of Animal Crossing.

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