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Holiday Marketing Tips

Holiday marketing is ubiquitous. No sooner is Halloween over than all advertisements begin to feature jingle bells, red ribbons and holiday carols. Marketing at this time of year is so thoroughly holiday-oriented that many businesses find it challenging to stand out among competitors. Jingle bells and Christmas carols certainly are charming, but many businesses find that being recognized for marketing efforts takes ingenuity, craftiness and creativity.

Invoke Emotions

People are emotional and sentimental at the holidays. Marketing strategies that channel these emotions make your company and product more endearing to your customers while attracting the attention of potential new clients. Telling a story is one way to invoke an emotional response from your customers. Take for example, this advertisement for the Spanish Christmas lottery, about a night watchman at a mannequin factory who leaves inspiring displays for the daytime workers in the factory.


Another clever way to capture emotions in your advertisements is to show the emotional responses that customers feel when they use your product, as shown in this Samsung advertisement.


Give something Back

Consumers like to buy products from companies that give something back to their customers and community. Small tokens, selfless gestures and fun non-solicitous gifts are all ways that your company can market its brand and attract new customers. For example:

  • Greeting cards. This is a relatively inexpensive way for small businesses to make a connection with customers at the holidays. Try including pictures of people who work at your business. This humanizes your company and brings your business closer together with your customers.
  • Hold an event. A holiday party is a fun way to bring people together and spread holiday cheer.
  • Give to a charity. Giving to a charity shows customers that their money contributes to a good cause. This makes customers feel good about their purchases.

Be Thorough

Start your holiday marketing efforts as early as possible to reach as many customers as you can during the time you’re given. Spread your marketing campaign across many platforms, from social media to YouTube videos, commercials and posters, postcards and flyers. Putting out cross-platform advertisements will increase your company’s exposure and help you reach a greater number of people.

Go Against the Grain

Not all holiday marketing needs to encourage your customers and clients to shop at your business. Stepping outside the box can yield surprisingly positive results. For example, last year REI shut down all of its stores on Black Friday and instead encouraged shoppers to engage in a fun outdoor activity.

This is the very opposite of what most retailers wish to encourage on Black Friday, yet this campaign was effective because it encouraged customers to engage in a healthy activity that seems unique, unusual and worthwhile.

Encourage the Best in Your Business and in Others

The holidays are about giving, cooperating, understanding and caring. Keeping your holiday marketing in the spirit of the season shows that your business has a heart, and that you prioritize the good of the community. One effective example of this kind of marketing comes through with the low-cost Canadian airline West Jet, which is now known for its effort to perform "mini-miracles" at the holidays.


Spreading good feelings among your customers and clients can encourage them to give to others. This flurry of activity can have a positive impact on your brand and community.

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