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Got bad Backlinks? Force Google to Ignore them Part II

In Part I of Got Bad BackLinks? Force Google to Ignore Them, we discussed a primary reason why a webmaster, site owner or internet marketing professional would be significantly benefitted by the ability to tell Google to disavow links. Rumors are going around that the world's largest search engine is considering adding such a powerful option to its flagship Webmaster Tools software, but many in the field have indicated that only black hatters would ever need such a tool. The following is yet another reason why this simply is not the case.

2.) Negative SEO got Your Site Slapped

Most of the talk about Google allowing Webmaster Tools users to disavow links got started as a result of all the recent fuss about negative SEO. The fact of the matter is that it is possible to blast your competitor out of the water if they're a small site or haven't done much in the way of SEO. This means it can be done to you as well, and probably pretty easily.

For instance, let's imagine that you sell chocolate bunny rabbits. You've been in business for 6 years and your domain is 4 years old. You've never really done much for SEO but have always ranked well.

Along comes a spammer who analyzes the hot keyword traffic you're getting, sees that your profile is weak and decides to blast you out of the water. How do they do this? Easy; with spammer tools like Xrumer and SENuke you can build tens of thousands of really crappy links to any site you want in a matter of minutes. Next thing you know, traffic to your site has virtually ceased and you have no idea why until you get a nasty message in WMT about unnatural links.

As of today your option in this case is to manually go to each site your links are found on and request that they remove them, and then send a reconsideration request to the big G. The problem is that in most cases you'll probably never get a response from them. So the solution of allowing a webmaster or internet marketer the ability to tell Google not to use those links for ranking purposes could prove invaluable to the survival of your site.

Of course, if your site is huge and well branded, you'll probably have nothing to worry about, as Rand Fishkin demonstrated last month by requesting people to blast his site with black hat tactics...a total of 40,000 of which have reportedly been built at this point without hurting his site whatsoever. The problem with this particular piece of logic is that Fishkin made the announcement publicly and Google was almost certainly on the watch to see that happened, so we'll really never know the true results of what would happen if this same negative SEO process was done to your site.

One way that we could be sure to alleviate this concern would be with a tool that allows people to cancel those links out; end of story. Other would argue that the best way to combat negative SEO is to simply ignore the bad links and keep on trucking on - but this just won't work because most small sites and businesses simply can't afford to once their rankings have tanked, and in this fashion many legitimate sites have been blown to oblivion without even understanding why.

Don't let this happen to you. Call the number at the top of your screen now for an immediate, free consultation about your current backlink profile and what you can do to recover if you've been hurt, and how to get ahead of your competition and stay there permanently. Don't worry about the complexity of your backlink situation - leave that to the professionals - leave it to ProFromGo.

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