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Google Broadens Exact-Match Variations In AdWords

Google updates happen on a regular basis. Just last week, Google made one of its regular updates by expanding the meaning of close variants in keyword searches. In the coming months, Google will make changes to keyword exact-match variation.

So What Does Exact-Match Variation Mean Anyway?

When an Internet user types keywords into their search engine, those keywords are checked against keywords listed in metadata tags on relevant websites. This interaction between keywords helps determine what pages will show up on Internet searches.

A poorly typed list of keywords could limit the number of relevant web pages that will pop up on a keyword search. In the current system, variations in keywords are accommodated by web designers and content producers who must write long lists of possible keywords in metadata tags. Under the new system, Google will change the types of keyword variations that will match keywords in a website's metadata.

How Has Google Broadened Exact Match Variations?

  • Certain function words will no longer be meaningful in keyword searches. Inclusion of prepositions, articles and conjunctions will no longer matter in keyword searches. For example, a search for "jobs in Pittsburgh" will return the same results as a search for "jobs Pittsburgh" because the word "in" will be ignored by the Google algorithms.
  • Word order will be ignored. A search for "Pittsburgh jobs" will produce the same results as a search for "jobs Pittsburgh," because the order of the words in the search will no longer matter.

In other words, the Google algorithms will assume that people who search for "Pittsburgh jobs," "jobs Pittsburgh" and "jobs in Pittsburgh" are all looking for the same information, and will act accordingly.

What Does This Change?

Many business owners may be wondering how this update will affect their Internet traffic.

  • Businesses no longer need to produce long lists of keywords to capture hits from browsers on the Internet. By broadening the definition of exact match variations, shorter keyword lists can be just as effective as long lists that show the same words in different orders and with different function words.
  • Advertisers can expect to see as much as a 3% increase in the number of exact match clicks from Internet searches. These changes simplify the process of performing a Google search, which can help Internet users reach target websites more efficiently.

Stay On Top Of It Through Your Internet Marketing Firm

Some Google updates can send the entire world of Internet marketing into a tailspin, while other updates come and go with little fanfare. Understanding the difference between these updates and changing your Internet marketing strategies accordingly can be a challenge for many business owners. Hiring a capable Internet marketing firm can help.

At ProFromGo, we help businesses keep up with changes to Google's algorithms. We understand keyword searches and can help your business adapt. We're also local to Pittsburgh, which means that we understand Pittsburgh consumers and how Internet marketing works in our local economy. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact us today at (412) 530-5027.

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