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Google AdWords Introducing New Interface

Google AdWords, the advertising interface that allows small businesses and large companies to place advertisements on the Internet through Google, is introducing a new interface to be unrolled by the end of the year. Some users have already noticed this change, while others have yet to see a difference in their interface. Certain features of the new AdWord interface, like the overview page, were previewed to users earlier in the year.

Why the Change?

Google posted a page on its blog about the update, stating that the redesign makes AdWords easier to use and understand. Google also reported that pages have been loading faster; in some cases, 20 to 30% faster. This improves productivity and helps AdWord users get the most bang for their buck.

What’s Changed?

In the new Interface, Google will suggest bids to correspond to various page positions. Depending on the current standing of the keyword bid, Google may show up to three bidding suggestions. In the event that the bid is below the first page bid, Google may show only one bid recommendation that will help the advertiser get shown on the first page regularly.

The wording that Google uses to describe the positions as changed as well. What used to say “Top of the Page” now says “Above All Organic Search Results.” Instead of saying “First Position” Google now says “Above All Other Ads.” This wording is designed to be more descriptive of the position where the ad will be placed and hopefully will be more clear to AdWord users.

In addition, Google has announced that Surveys 360 is now fully integrated with AdWords, to enable users to easily target surveys in their remarketing audiences. The idea behind this change is to help businesses understand the “why” behind how consumers react to marketing efforts. With the Surveys 360 integration, users can ask customers what part of an advertisement is most compelling or what visitors to a website thought of the page they just looked at.

Google will also be launching Unique Reach to Display campaigns in AdWords. This allows businesses to remain thoughtful about contact with users, by allowing businesses to measure the number of unique users and average impressions per user from video and Display ads.

Finally, Google announced the release of Digital Garage, an online marketing training tool that helps small business owners to get the most from their AdWords account. This digital training toolbox will help users understand the way that AdWords works and how to make the most of their AdWords advertisements.

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