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Fire Up Your 4th of July With A Patriotic Campaign

With 4th of July just around the corner, now is the time to be taking on your 4th of July marketing campaign. Even if you haven’t planned anything specific, you can still engage with your customers and appeal to their sense of patriotism. Showing your customers that your company is patriotic and proud to be American can help endear your business to your clients and can also add to the festivity of the holiday.

Send a 4th of July Eblast or Newsletter

Write an article of 4th of July tips for your customers. Suggestions relating to safety, recipes, crafts, projects or a calendar of celebrations going on in your area will capture the attention of your customers and will help them enjoy their holiday. Your customers will appreciate the suggestions and will think of your brand in the process.

Host an Online Contest

Host an online contest with a patriotic theme. For example, ask your customers to take pictures of your product in patriotic settings, then have your customers send in the patriotic photos and announce a winner when all of the submissions have been collected. If you’re looking for a good prize to give the winner, try a gift card for your products or stores.

Give Away Free Stuff

Everybody likes free stuff, and this is especially true on holidays and special occasions. Advertise special holiday giveaways for customers who come to your stores or shop at your store online during the time period leading up to and through the holiday.

Giving away free stuff helps generate excitement for the holiday itself and encourages your customers to do more shopping in your store. Be sure to make it clear that the free give away is related to the 4th of July. You can do this by posting red white and blue advertisements for your giveaway online and by using keywords like “independence day celebration” and “4th of July special.”

Post Patriotic Images on Instagram

Take “patriotic” pictures of your product, then post them online to show your business’s feelings about the holiday and about your country. The best pictures will be compelling in a way that captures the attention of your audience. You can use a professional photographer to take these pictures, or work with your marketing consultant to produce unique, creative, eye-catching images. Light-hearted humor works well for these pictures, as does straightforward patriotism. Incorporate red, white and blue colors, American flags and other fourth of July-related images and objects.

Work With Your Internet Marketing Consultant

At ProFromGo, we help our customers create online marketing campaigns that work. If you’re not sure what to do for your marketing campaign this fourth of July, give us a call. We’re local to Pittsburgh and we know the consumers in the area. We can help you market your business to a local audience or a broader audience, depending on your needs. To make an appointment for a consultation, contact us at (412) 530-5027.

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