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Favorite Hubspot Marketing Toys from 2020

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past 12 months, you know that 2020 was a bit of an unusual year. But even though practically every aspect of life changed, businesses still needed to keep operating. As a result, digital marketing became a key focus for people who never gave it a second thought before. The world went virtual, and marketing adapted with it, allowing marketers to try out new technologies, especially within HubSpot. Here are a few of my favorite HubSpot marketing discoveries from 2020. 

HubSpot Released Their Much-Anticipated Custom Objects

While standard objects, like contacts, companies and deal records, are the base of how you organize your CRM data, there is definitely a need to have customizable record types that don’t fall under any of these categories. That’s where custom objects come in.

With custom objects, you’re able to structure your data to fit the way you operate. Plus, you can link it to the standard records that you’re already using. While this helps your sales team keep track of this valuable data, marketing can further target their audience by segmenting these custom objects.

Plug Custom Objects Right Into Your Marketing Campaigns 

Do you wonder how to target customers based on the data set up as a custom object? No problem. Custom objects can immediately be used for list segmentation, workflows and email.

Structure your workflow as you would for standard objects and start creating personalized content based on the custom object’s properties. This has two benefits. First, you will be able to execute marketing actions for custom objects. Second, you can easily summarize and report back on this data set, making your future campaigns even more powerful.

Any opportunity to further customize your CRM or marketing tactics is always a huge advantage for your strategy, especially when you have the capability to incorporate personalization related to these objects.

Account-Based Marketing Leveled Up B2B Marketing

Account-Based Marketing (ABM) is a strategic approach to B2B marketing where marketing and sales work together to create personalized experiences for specific target accounts. Why is ABM a successful strategy? It helps to align both marketing and sales on the goals for these high-value accounts.

Now within HubSpot, you can implement Account-Based Marketing across different tools in your hub. Two examples:

  • You can customize your properties to easily segment data for lists, workflows and other marketing efforts
  • You can quickly link target accounts to company profiles in LinkedIn and create ad campaigns specific to them. (This is done through list segmentation.)

Honorable Mention: Marketing Health in HubSpot

If you’re a nerd like me and find satisfaction in analyzing data, then the updated marketing health analytics in HubSpot is perfect for you, too.

Email is still highly important to any marketing strategy. In 2019, the number of email users was 3.9 billion, and Statista predicts that it will grow to 4.6 billion by 2023 (that’s half the world’s population). With that many eyes on email, it’s extremely valuable to know that what you’re creating is actually being seen and read by your prospects and customers. The Email Health tool in HubSpot allows you to take a look at your email data as a whole. Not only does it give you a snapshot of your email deliverability, but it also provides you with recommendations on how you can improve rates related to:

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Hard Bounce Rate
  • Open Rate
  • Unsubscribe Rate

Having this information readily available and easily digestible makes your email marketing strategy much more robust and effective.

Don’t worry, we share our toys, too.

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