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What Every Inbound Marketer Should Do in 2017

Inbound marketing is the strategy of the coming year! With the close of 2016 looming, now is the time to think of ways that your business can attract and convert customers in 2017. Strategies for inbound marketing are complex and take time to implement, so we recommend starting your plan now. Knowing what you plan to do in 2017 will make it all the more easy to begin when January arrives.

Integrate More Video

Visual information is critical, and video is becoming more important to web users with every year. Text is still important, but text and video must work in tandem to create a fully realized experience for visitors to your website. Find creative ways to share information with video by nesting it in the text of your webpages. Use video to show off your product, take visitors to see your plant or warehouse, or introduce representatives from your company. This helps create connections that keep potential customers emotionally engaged.

Stop the Sales Pitch

Stop using sales pitches on clients. People like to make their own decisions as they navigate your site; they don't like to feel tricked into buying. Guide your prospects through your website with delicacy and a helping hand. Let them choose their own path. Your clients need to make a rational decision to buy your product. Remember that it's your job to supply prospects with the information required to make that decision.

Think Beyond Google

Google has made changes, and it's now more difficult than ever to generate traffic through SEO. To stay relevant, your business must be searchable on multiple platforms outside of Google. Work on your business's searchability on Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms. Cultivate your business's Facebook and LinkedIn pages to keep clients looking when they find your page.

Turn to Interactive Content

Interactive content helps visitors to your website stay engaged and curious. Interactive content can take many forms. Surveys, quizzes and buttons to click help ensure that visitors will look further and deeper into your site. Video is another important interactive medium that will engage prospects.

Use Snapchat

Don't underestimate the importance of Snapchat in your inbound marketing strategy. Sharing real-time pictures of live events can keep clients feeling like they have special access into your company. Give your audience a front seat to events, conferences, product launches and special deals. Think of ways that your business could offer a sale or introduce a contest to customers. This will help customers stay involved and engaged.

Get Started Today

An effective inbound marketing strategy takes time to cultivate, so if it's your plan to use inbound marketing in the new year, this is the time to get started. At ProFromGo, we help businesses develop a fully realized and effective marketing strategy for attracting and converting customers. We've got all the tools and expertise it takes to help your business in 2017. To get started, contact us at (412) 530-5027.

Chris Vendilli
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