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Did your 2022 Marketing Fall Short?

Each year, companies set goals for their marketing. Despite the best intentions, these goals can fall by the wayside or go off the rails. Here are a few common goals we see that often come up short, along with a few tips on how you can realign them for success in 2023.

Launch a New Company Website

You entered 2022 with the lofty task of revamping and launching your company website, but despite your best intentions, this project didn’t get too far. 

Here are some possible reasons why: 

  • The project was larger than anticipated and covered too much ground
  • You didn’t have enough data to make evidence-based decisions
  • Delays in producing or gathering content took place
  • You didn’t have an agency partner, or the agency you have is not a good fit

A website initiative is often a huge undertaking, and it can easily fall off the rails. Whatever the reason, there are ways to get this back on track.

Launchpad Approach

With a launchpad approach to your website, you can expect your website to launch in less time but with fewer pages and features.  

A launchpad focuses time upfront on developing the most impactful content and features to release a condensed version of your website. Then, as you collect valuable data and leads on those pages, you can work behind the scenes for the next few weeks to launch your supporting web pages.  

By breaking your website launch into smaller, digestible phases, not only can you reap the return on your investment (while still looking good), you can feel real success sooner.  

Improve SEO

Congratulations! You were given the goal to “improve SEO” in 2022, but you have no idea what that really means or even if it worked. 

Some reasons why this goal fell short could include the following: 

  • You lacked understanding about what SEO is and isn’t
  • Inconsistent efforts were made on the task 
  • You didn’t have expert SEO insight

SEO is a slow burn, not a quick solution. There is no “magic button” you can push to rank higher on Google’s Search Engine Results Page (SERP), though the right insight and knowledge can start bringing more visitors to your site. 

Here are some quick SEO wins:

  • Register with Google My Business

With Google My Business, you are giving Google the most basic and important information it needs to pair you with the right searches, and Google gives preference to this. The more information you can give them, the better! Be sure to fill out your hours and location, upload images, and ask customers to leave Google reviews.

  • Publish a Blog

Keeping a blog is a powerful tool not only for SEO but for establishing brand authority. Google’s algorithms track how relevant and up-to-date a website is—blogs included. Publishing blog content is also a great way to match your users to relevant content and the answers they’re searching for.

  • Optimize Your Metadata

Metadata gives search engines the information necessary to accurately rank your pages and web content. Well-written meta titles and descriptions on your website–along with image tags, alt tags, and strategic HTML heading tags–lead to higher search engine rankings and the visibility your site needs. 

Generate Leads

No pressure at all, but your goal in January was to generate X number of leads by the end of the year, but you didn’t reach that target. 

Some possibilities for why this happened include the following: 

  • Your goals for lead generation weren’t SMART
  • Your buyer personas were incorrect
  • Your website wasn’t optimized to convert
  • Your site lacked premium content offers or a valuable exchange for a user’s contact information

The goal and expectation to generate leads is always a daunting task with heady expectations.  Maybe the goal was doomed from the start, but consider these two steps to get going again:

  • Step Back, Re-align, and Strategize

If lead generation is your pain point, perhaps you need to re-align your digital strategies.  Taking the time to review and evaluate your goals, audience, and data is a common-sense first step that can be forgotten in the busyness of day-to-day tasks. Re-evaluate your target audience and dust off your personas. Revisit your customer journey mapping. Pull up your analytics and heatmaps, and assess your pipelines. Has anything changed that you need to adapt to?

  • Optimize your website/traffic strategies

Your website may be a barrier to conversions. Analytical data will tell you where users are going and dropping off. Perhaps your content needs a little TLC to resonate with your audience better, or maybe you need stronger calls to action or more prominent web forms. If asking for an email address, are you offering visitors anything special in exchange for their information? Are you driving paid traffic to a dedicated landing page relevant to the ad they clicked on–or simply to your homepage?

So, you Fell short of your 2022 Marketing Goals. What’s that Mean for your Marketing in 2023?

At Vendilli Digital Group, we are strategic marketing experts who are devoted to getting real marketing results for our partners. If you’re reading this article, you may not have reached your 2022 marketing goal. If this is true, then you would benefit from working with us as a Growth-Driven Design partner.  

With Growth-Driven Design, Vendilli Digital Group acts as an extension of your marketing team—giving you access to a full suite of marketing tools, services, and expertise. Working alongside you, we strategize, position, create, execute, and optimize your marketing efforts regularly to help drive results and achieve your goals, whether it be launching a new website, improving your SEO, or generating leads.  

Crush your marketing goals and efforts in 2023. Give us a call today.

Danielle Matthews
About the Author
Danielle is VDG's Senior Art Director. Whenever she gets a minute to herself she enjoys binge-watching Netflix, reading, obnoxiously loud music, fishing, drinking obscene amounts of coffee, and probably being an all-around nerd.
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