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Did You Know HubSpot Provides A Free CRM?

We are in the 21st Century which means in many ways technology, and specifically computers have made our lives easier and they have made doing our jobs easier.  What particular kind of technology has made it easier and more efficient to make sales?  One example is the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool.

How Can CRM Make Sales More Efficient?

The CRM helps businesses better understand who their customers and potential customers are and when they might be interested in purchasing.  The person who is operating the CRM creates a database of customer information which might include lead generating, it may indicate which customers might make another purchase in the future; it can list customers that might be willing to purchase other products and tell what services that they have not chosen to purchase in the past.  A salesperson can use a CRM to input any information that might be valuable when future interactions with the client or potential clients might occur.

A great tool in the CRM’s arsenal is to automatically find information that may not initially seem connected, but the CRM system sees the potential connection even when collected from different sources and it efficiently presents the information to the user.  This information is great for growing a customer base, but it also helps retain existing customers by providing important information that makes them satisfied and willing to return.

The HubSpot CRM

How can a business that doesn’t have a CRM get one, and how expensive is that initial outlay?  Initially it does not need to cost a penny to have a CRM.  HubSpot, the inbound marketing software platform that was formed to help attract companies get more visitors, convert leads, and close customers has the HubSpot CRM available at no cost.  HubSpot gives advice about how to work better and more efficiently based upon information already in the system, as well as newly input information.  This company that has helped convert millions of web visits into sales has a CRM that companies can use for free.

How does the HubSpot CRM work?  This CRM is connected to many different locations on your computer, smartphone, wherever information about sales takes place.  Even email and social media are part of the search that the HubSpot CRM conducts to find sources for sales.  HubSpot CRM is also always on the looking for changes in your own system that will create a new connection.  However, just because HubSpot is working, that doesn’t mean it is obtrusive and is a distraction.  You won’t know it’s there unless you want to.

Benefits of Trying the HubSpot CRM

Benefits of Trying HubSpot CRM

One reason more businesses haven’t used a CRM is that one person (or more) who will throw a fit about learning a new system.  The HubSpot CRM doesn’t actually require the salesforce to learn a new way of doing things.  HubSpot CRM adapts to the salesforce, it doesn’t require the salesforce to learn new “tricks”, which makes the benefits from the HubSpot CRM worth implementing.

This free CRM gives a dashboard with a great deal of pertinent information to salespeople.  Name, email, phone number, when last contacted, how likely her or she is to make a buy soon.  There is also a way to create a log about how and when the salesperson contacted a client and what that contact was like. The HubSpot CRM is also easy to use with the HubSpot Marketing Platform, so marketers can take information they have gained and give it to the sales team.

How CRM Integrates with HubSpot Marketing to Give the Biggest ROI

There are several ways that CRM can pay for itself by giving a bigger return on investment:

  1. Potential customers have already been nurtured prior to knowing the sales team.
  2. Customers become better informed, so they feel more inclined to make bigger purchases.
  3. Let’s marketing and the salesforce know more about the habits of customers and potential customers.  That relationship is important to building trust and eventually results in sales.
  4. The software is able to prioritize leads with a score based on their level of interest.

HubSpot CRM is not only intuitive and easy to understand, it is also free.  It does not take long to find out that all of that information a salesperson had to keep straight in their head or logbook is more efficiently kept in the HubSpot CRM, and that when HubSpot collects the information, it is organized in a manner that is even more valuable and will make a company money.

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