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Meet Danielle: ProFromGo’s New Art Director

In my role as Art Director, I help ProFromGo creatively solve our client’s marketing challenges. But there is more to me than just my compelling ideas and visual designs—so, let’s learn more about what makes me, me!

Where did I grow up?

I grew up in Sharpsburg—just 10 minutes outside of downtown Pittsburgh.

When did I know that I wanted to work in a creative field?

I guess you could say it was just written in the stars. I had a very influential art teacher who pushed me to pursue a career in art my freshman year of high school. From then on I spent my high school career growing my skills and exploring new media. When I got accepted into art school, my mom pulled out a collection of things I drew for her starting from when I was about 2 or 3 and said “This is how I knew you would be an artist someday”. I started as a fine arts major before switching to graphic design after some deep conversations with another influential teacher in college about the commercial arts. I don’t regret that decision one bit.

What is my favorite part and most challenging part about working as an Art Director?

I enjoy the challenge of solving problems visually. I get excited when things work out that you don’t expect to and I definitely live for the “Aha!” moments.  It’s always rewarding when you come up with something clever—be it a visual or a bit of copy.  I also enjoy knowing that I’m helping clients achieve their goals through my work and inspiring others as well.

As for challenges, I do love them and I think that’s part of what drives me with this role. I would have to say it’s definitely frustrating that creativity is not something that you can just turn on and off; it comes to you at all hours of the day and not always when you expect it to. I get a lot of ideas after walking away from something and coming back to it later with fresh eyes—or when I’m getting ready to go to bed at night. For me that means that my brain never truly shuts off from thinking about things I am working on and it also means acting on those ideas and impulses as they come, just to get it out of my head.

What does marketing mean to me?

To me, marketing is a delicate blend of creativity and logic. The creative side is meant to grab attention, speak to people and inspire some type of action or emotion. The creative decisions you make are usually calculated—if they are cool or clever, then great, but if they do nothing to drive your goals, then you have to wonder about why you’re doing what you’re doing at some point.  

Why was I attracted to the ProFromGo team? 

There was an attraction to ProFromGo because of the honesty, respect, and integrity brought to the table through the work and personalities. I genuinely believe everyone here cares about the work we are doing, our clients, and each other. I also appreciate that we get to work with a diverse group of clients.

What do I enjoy doing outside of work?

Free time? What's that! I spend a lot of time focused on professional development because I truly love what I do. My family is my #1 priority though and almost all the free time I do have, goes to them. During the summer months our favorite family activity is fishing. Other than that, I do live for lots of loud music and I enjoy reading or watching tv/movies as a break from reality. Recently, Arrow has been my favorite TV series. Movie wise, I’ve watched Rocketman more times than I can count and it's one of my all-time favorites. 

Why ProFromGo?

I’m really excited to be here and see all the exciting new things we can do for our clients at ProFromGo! There’s a lot of great opportunities for everyone as we move into the new year and I have felt very welcomed joining the team.

Make sure to contact ProFromGo today to get started on taking your brand and digital presence to the next level.

Danielle Matthews
About the Author
Danielle is VDG's Senior Art Director. Whenever she gets a minute to herself she enjoys binge-watching Netflix, reading, obnoxiously loud music, fishing, drinking obscene amounts of coffee, and probably being an all-around nerd.
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