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Why Your CRM Should Be More Than Just a Spreadsheet

Your CRM is the lifeline of your business, but does it make the cut? A well-designed and well-maintained CRM enables everyone from all levels of your organization to manage client relationships and provide excellent customer service. Without a good CRM, your business could be missing out on valuable opportunities to grow your client base.

What is a CRM?

A customer relationship management system, or CRM, is a database of customer information. The CRM provides information about the customer's interactions with your business, as well as their address and contact information, account information and so on. Your company's CRM can be basic or all-encompassing, but for many sales teams, more information is better.

So, What's Wrong With a Spreadsheet?

A good CRM is way too big to contain in a spreadsheet. A client's entire history, from the first contact to the last interaction, may all be contained in your CRM. You name it, it's in there: emails, meetings, phone calls, in-person interactions and invoices paid. This depth of information ensures that your interactions with your customers are always personalized and relevant.

Cross-functionality is also critical. A good CRM can be accessed from all levels of the business, from the bottom up. A spreadsheet simply can't provide that kind of access.

What Should You Look For In a CRM?

A good CRM will meet your business needs in a way that is wholistic and integrated. Modern CRM systems have incredible functionality, enabling members of your organization to access an incredible amount of information. The sky is the limit. When shopping for a CRM, look for these features:

  • Analytics: A dashboard with customer analytics gives your sales and marketing team an overview of your company's performance, with valuable information about your organization's web presence.
  • File sharing: File sharing enables all branches of your business to upload and share valuable information about customers.
  • Sales forecasting: Make important decisions based on real-time information about your current clients.
  • Email integration: See and respond to email using your CRM as a web client.

If your CRM doesn't cover all these bases, it's time to find one that does.

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