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Characteristics of Great Content

Great content can bring consumers and clients to your website, can spread the word about your business and can help your business build relationships with people and organizations in your community. Of course, great content isn’t easy to produce. Great content has special characteristics that sets it apart from other content on the Internet. Creating content with these characteristics can help you distinguish your website and strengthen your brand.


Accuracy is critical in content creation. Accurate content can turn your business into a go-to source for clients and potential clients, leading to conversions and greater brand exposure. Great content requires accurate sources and sometimes citations to back up your story. The more accurate the content, the more trusted your brand will become and the better your business will look overall.

Tells a Story

Great content doesn’t have to tell a story, but good stories can help keep clients engaged, interested and looking for more. Tell one or two good stories and your readers will be hooked on your content.

Provides Valuable Information

Many people who read online content are looking for information and answers to questions. Content that answers common but difficult questions will provide intrinsic value to consumers.

Easy to Share

People like to share good stories and good information with family and friends. Keep your “share” buttons available and visible for visitors to your website.

Downplays the Brand

Branding is best done subtly. Downplaying your brand in your content can give the content more authority and legitimacy. Remember that the act of creating valuable content is itself a form of branding.


People often turn to the Internet for tutorials and how-tos to help them with everyday problems. For these purposes, readers need content that is actionable, easy to follow and clearly written. When writing a how-to or a tutorial, start each sentence with an action word. Finish the tutorial with a follow up action item that can help them after their project is completed.


Great content is meaningless if it can’t be easily found. There are many ways to make your content easily located by readers.

  • Use good SEO practices. Smart SEO helps people find your content. Without smart SEO, your website may remain buried and unread.
  • Include a search feature on your website. Search features make it easier for readers to find articles on specific topics when visiting your website.
  • Organize your content. Organizing your website’s content by category, date published and reader favorites can help readers find helpful content.
  • Structure your website wisely. Burying your blog and important pages of your website deep within its structure almost guarantees that your content will be ignored by a great deal of your site’s visitors. Structuring the website well can help ensure that visitors will find what they’re looking for when they come to your website.

Work With An Expert

You don’t have to be an expert on website and content creation in order to have a functional website. The best way to ensure that your website will be of value to your customers is to work with an expert. At ProFromGo, we deliver smart content and help businesses use good SEO practices to make their websites useful and consumer-friendly. We’re local to Pittsburgh, so we understand the Pittsburgh market and its consumers. To get started with your website creation, contact us today at (412) 530-5027.

Chris Vendilli
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