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Retail Velocity provides its clients with daily harmonized retailer data. When they came to Vendilli Digital Group, they knew they needed a new brand and a new website, and they needed it fast. Quickly, our team made a plan to help them unveil an entirely new brand and website, and support them for future digital marketing initiatives.

The Challenge

When Retail Velocity approached Vendilli Digital Group, they were faced with an aging brand and a disorganized website that lacked fundamental elements, as well as limited brand recognition. With the addition of a new CEO and Sr. Director of Marketing, they knew it was time to shake things up. When Retail Velocity approached VDG 5 months prior, they had plans to launch the newest version of VelocityⓇ which provides CPG companies with harmonized retailer POS data. Vendilli needed to completely rebrand Retail Velocity and launch a new website before their enterprise software product launch deadline.

Our Solution

The Vendilli team hit the ground running with a looming deadline on the horizon. This all-hands-on-deck project included the development of an entire brand strategy and elements such as a logo, messaging, and style guide. Once the brand elements had been developed, our team got to work writing, designing and developing a new website built entirely on HubSpot CMS. Vendilli launched the 23-page website within a 3-4 month window, crushing our goal. In addition to a new website, Vendilli is currently supporting Retail Velocity with future additions to the website, content production, implementation of HubSpot Sales and Marketing software, and digital advertising.


Vendilli completed the successful rebrand and launch of a new website within an extremely aggressive timeline. Completion of this project has transitioned into an ongoing relationship where Vendilli helps to provide strategy and marketing services that aim to position Retail Velocity as a go-to choice for harmonized and cleansed retailer POS data.

“We had a lot to accomplish in a very, very short time frame, and Vendilli was able to deliver high-quality work and meet all our deadlines. Their team did a great job with our new logo, brand identity, and website design. What was supposed to be more of a launchpad website, which normally takes 3-4 months from conception to go live, turned into more of a full-blown site—but they made it happen by our deadline.”

-Chris Spallino, Sr. Director of Marketing and Communications