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The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit trade association that helps to ensure that what is on the label of pet health supplements, matches what is inside the container. The NASC quality seal is a broadly recognized trust signal to pet owners and animal health supplement manufacturers alike. They needed a website that served multiple constituencies and Vendilli Digital Group delivered.

The Challenge

The National Animal Supplement Council is a nonprofit trade association with two missions. First, promote the health and wellbeing of companion animals and horses who are given supplements by their owners and second, protect and enhance the animal health supplement industry. The agency NASC previously worked with had the website over halfway completed but kept missing deadlines. Frustrated, NASC made the bold decision to find another agency to finish the website. NASC also needed a separate website built specifically for annual conferences.

NASC First Mockup
Our Solution

Before partnering with Vendilli Digital Group, NASC had never heard of Growth-Driven Design (GDD). Instead, they would invest in a large website revamp every five to six years. If they needed changes to the website afterward, they would go through an entire proposal process, which meant changes to the website took a long time. As a nonprofit organization, they were hesitant to pay a monthly amount. 


Yet GDD ended up saving NASC both time and money. When NASC needed enhancements to their complex preferred supplier directory, they would submit a ticket and in a matter of days, the solution was implemented. 


After this initial project, NASC asked Vendilli Digital Group to develop a website specifically for their annual conferences.  

NASC Second Mockup

“When you find a company that doesn't over promise or under deliver, has excellent customer service, and hits 99.9% of the milestones and timeframes they establish, you don’t go anywhere else,” said Ryan Cargo, Senior Compliance & Executive Officer for NASC.