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Deploying the right strategy is critical in wealth management and digital marketing. Hefren-Tillotson partnered with Vendilli Digital Group to improve their overall digital presence. This investment in digital included website design and development, digital advertising strategies, and inbound marketing to generate new sales leads, and connect them with advisors.

The Challenge

Hefren-Tillotson, a well-known wealth management firm, had an abundance of content they knew current and prospective clients would find helpful. What they didn’t have was a strategy to share that information online to make it highly accessible in a coherent way. Additionally, over the years, Hefren-Tillotson sought to implement a more sophisticated content marketing strategy, digital advertising, and more robust reporting to take advantage of their increased web presence.

Hefren First Mockup
Our Solution

Vendilli Digital Group redesigned, reorganized, and rebuilt the company’s web presence in WordPress after consulting on the key topic areas of interest to their target audiences. Additionally, Vendilli utilized HubSpot to provide content and inbound marketing support to increase online visibility, including a comprehensive plan to create and publish thought leadership content. Digital advertising campaigns were also engineered to reach prospective new clients and further engage contacts within the database. A multi-faceted strategy helped to engage new prospects outside of their current sphere of influence and nurture existing leads within their database to help drive sales conversations and conversions. 


As Hefren-Tillotson's digital marketing needs grew, Vendilli engineered new methods to keep up with the company’s desire to increase digital performance. An updated email newsletter strategy built within HubSpot and high production value video content for the wealth management firm was produced to position their expertise and further connect and engage with new prospects and existing clients alike. Given the increasing volume of content, number of advisors in the firm, and the large audience of clients and subscribers, marketing automation strategies were also carefully planned and implemented to help the firm maintain personalized and tailored client communications at scale.

Hefren Second Mockup

Hefren-Tillotson’s marketing department works more efficiently thanks to the integration with Hubspot. It’s much easier for them to produce and stay top of mind with marketing automation workflows where the right content is delivered to the right contacts, at the right time. The improved organization of the content, coupled with ongoing content support and digital advertising campaigns has helped the organization connect with new audiences and better leverage the mindshare and expertise of the company’s greatest asset: highly experienced wealth management advisors.