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Code Garage Review: When all else fails, turn to Peter Butler (WordPress Backup Service)

Code Garage is a WordPress backup service by Peter Butler. I've been using the service for my own projects and websites for over seven months total at this point and a few months ago I began utilizing the service for my clients as well.

Code Garage backs up all of your WordPress files and databases once every 24 hours for use in case of an accidental deletion, a natural disaster, a hack attempt, or any other unforeseen circumstance that causes you to lose uptime or data.

The Code Garage service also monitors your website for uptime, auto-runs hack scans, and reports on the average load times for your websites.

Recently, I had a little 'disaster' of my own. I was doing some server maintenance on our ProFromGo dedicated server and I inadvertently deleted an account that I was no longer using. Long story short, this particular account had sub-accounts, one of which was my main company website - ProFromGo! In a matter of seconds I had deleted not just the Cpanel account but also the entire database and all of the website and WordPress files, all in one fell swoop.

My first step was to cry like a child and panic - because I thought I had lost all of my blog posts, user comments, and more.

The second step I took was to log into Code Garage and beat up on myself a little bit for being such a big baby and not thinking clearly!

My third step, which was the easiest of all, was to contact Peter and to see if he could give me a hand.

In a matter of hours I went from total meltdown, and a total loss, to having my main company website right back online.

The website in question (this one actually) also had some very advanced server and caching configurations to help improve load time. Peter even helped me get all of this stuff re-configured right on Skype!

For the past several months I have been using Code Garage as a part of the disaster recovery solutions and website maintenance plans that I offer to all of my clients. I can't count how many times I have relied on the assistance of Peter along with his team to help troubleshoot an issue or recover some files after a client made a little WordPress blunder.

If you or your clients are using WordPress this service shouldn't be a decision you hesitate on for one second... Sure, I know there's other alternatives out there such as running a backup plugin and dumping everything into an Amazon S3 bucket... but nothing compares to the additional perks and services that come along with being a Code Garage customer.

For a reasonable monthly price you get access to a team of super-geeks that will come to your aid and rescue anytime you beckon which will allow you to operate your websites without fear of evil hackers, plugins that break everything, or clients who think they're better at using WordPress than they actually are and tend to delete things then come-a-calling (no offense to any of my beloved clients).

Your website and all of your web content is an asset and should be protected and treated as such. Check out Code Garage and rest assured that you have a team of technically proficient PHP and WordPress allies who can help when disaster strikes, whether it's self-imposed (in my case) or totally beyond your control.

Oh yeah, and one final note in case you're wondering because this was a big selling point for me: Code Garage also backs up all folders, files, and directories on your web hosting even if they are outside of your standard WordPress directories! Say for example you have a folder named "premium documents" that is in the top level directory (outside of wp-content, wp-includes, and etc), Code Garage will back this folder up as well every 24 hours and keep a 30 day archive of all backups.

If I wasn't totally in love with WordPress I wouldn't need something like Code Garage, and if I wasn't totally in love with Code Garage, you wouldn't be reading this Code Garage review.

If you're a Code Garage customer or considering becoming one feel free to post your questions or comments below and I will answer them from my Code Garage experience where possible... Peter Butler has bailed me out of a few jams himself so I wouldn't be too surprised if he decides to stop by now and then to checkout the feedback here!

Go jump on the Code Garage band wagon now:

Code Garage by Peter Butler | A Premium WordPress Backup & Disaster Recovery Service

Chris Vendilli
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