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13 Haunting Halloween Marketing Ideas

Looking for some fun or spooky Halloween marketing ideas this year? Share a little Halloween spirit with your customers and social media followers in the days leading up to the holiday. Here are some haunting marketing ideas that you can use.

1. Post a Halloween Meme on Facebook

Memes are fun for everyone and give people an excuse to laugh as they go about their day. Post a Halloween meme each day until the holiday is here to delight all the witches and vampires you know. You can find memes by searching for them on any search engine and just remember to link to the source of the meme.

2. Update Your Social Media Headers for the Season

You can give your social media accounts a holiday touch with a new seasonal header. Change your Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube creative to cheer your followers when they land on your page.

3. Create Halloween Giveaways or Hand Out Treats

Halloween is a great excuse to create specials on older products, move last season's inventory or give away a seasonal freebie. What would make your customers happy right now? Create a free download on "how to stay safe on Halloween" to give them a happy and safe holiday with family.

4. Give Your Staff a Day to Wear Costumes

Give your staff the chance to work in costume especially if you are in a retail or service business. If you work in an office, invite your team to wear a group costume for a team-building project. Then, take a group picture and post it online. Invite your customers to post their office attire on your page.

5. Create a Halloween Contest

Create a bulletin board in your office with user-generated content for Halloween. Ask customers to send in their spooky decor for the holiday. Or put this idea on Twitter to share with a wider audience.

6. Share Halloween Tips for Your Customers

If you are in a service business, holiday tips may be an appropriate share. Post one tip each day to keep kids safe on Halloween or how to create the best costume. Adapt your regular tips to the season.

7. Reward Customers Who Enter Your Brick and Mortar Store in Costume

Offer a freebie for any customer who comes into your shop in costume such as free coffee or a coupon for a free appetizer. These coupons are great ideas for restaurants and bars.

8. Run a Halloween Sweepstakes to Win a Prize

Running a sweepstakes is a great way to draw attention to your business, especially if the reward is something big. Offer a weekend for two or a restaurant meal for anyone who enters your contest.

9. Post a How-to Costume or Make Up on Instagram

Use Instagram to offer how-to images of making a costume or elaborate make up for Halloween eve. You can use images or video for this fun idea.

10. Decorate Your Store or Website Front Page

Adding Halloween decorations to your page is a fun way to celebrate the holiday with your customers. You can also add something hidden to see if they find it.

11. Share Your Favorite Halloween Puns on Twitter

Twitter is a great place to share puns with your followers each day leading up to the holiday. Or add a spooky gif to your feed each day.

12. Host an Event

Create an event in your brick and mortar business for your customers and offer a sale on products for anyone who attends. Get some extra business and return business later on.

13. Plan a Flash Haunting

Come up with a flash haunting event in a local center or inside your own place of business and video it to share online.

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